Neo-Nazis in Odessa Attacked an Anti-Maidan May 2nd Lawyer and Tried to Intimidate the Russian Consul

Translated by Ollie Richardson


On the Internet a video appeared of the Ukrainian Nazis’ attack on the lawyer Valentin Rybin, who defends residents of Odessa – opponents of Euromaidan, who for about 3 years have been subjected to criminal prosecution for participating in events on May 2nd, 2014.

The video shows the full impunity of Nazi militants in Ukraine and also the helplessness of the new “reformed, European” police, in front of which the attacks of unruly militants take place.

The video was published by one of the organizers of the provocation – the Ukrainian Nazi Sergey Sternenko living in Odessa. He preferred to cut out the part of the video with the attack.

After a not-guilty verdict in the case of “May 2nd” Odessa activists decided to communicate with the Russian consul outside the building of the Chernomorsky court.

“We ask you to leave this territory because you are occupiers in our country. Your people kill our people. Don’t provoke a conflict and leave the territory,” said the activists to the official. The consul responded by saying that he just fulfils the duties that he was asked to do in Russia, and not in Ukraine.

“Russian, there is no vodka!” declared the activists.

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