Neo-Nazis in Odessa Burnt an Improvised Symbol of Russia Outside the Russian Consulate

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Ukrainian “activists”, instead of searching for ways for Ukraine to exit the large-scale crisis, continue to organize the most ridiculous performances. In Odessa it was decided to organise an “action” at the doors of the Russian consulate. The action carried the name “Burning of a Double-headed Eagle”, and was held against the background of slogans about Crimea being “a part of Ukraine”.

On the street in front of the building of the Russian consulate a barbecue was set-up, on which a rooster was placed with a second head sewn on to it. It is difficult to imagine all of the disgust of the procedure when someone from the so-called “activists” engaged in sewing the head of a bird to the carcass. It is also difficult to imagine the scale of “cockroaches” in the heads of activists who arrange the most ridiculous actions while the Ukrainian authorities continue to squeeze all the juice from the country.

About fifty people from such organizations as “AutoMaidan of Odessa” and “state initiative of Yarosh” participated in the action outside the walls of the Russian consulate.

UNIAN provides the statement of the “activists” (from March 16th):

“Today it’s three years since the aggressor-country held a pseudo-referendum and annexed Crimea. We held the action flashmob and cooked on a barbecue in the form of the Kremlin a symbol of the Russian empire – a double-headed rooster strung on a flag of Russia.”

The Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov would comment on all of this very aptly…

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