Neo-Nazis Organized a Memorial Event in Odessa and Went to Kulikovo Field

Translated by Ollie Richardson


At the corner of Deribasovskaya Street and Sobornaya Square in Odessa Ukrainian nationalists from the armed group “National Corpus” (former Azov battalion) honoured the memory of their accomplices, reports the correspondent of the Federal News Agency (FNA) from the place of events.

About two dozen athletically-built men and the several girls with them said a so-called “Prayer of the Ukrainian neo-Nazi” standing near the created cenotaph (a monument at the place where two nationalists died). After a series of cries of “Ukraine above all!”, “Sieg Heil!”, and “Death to enemies!”, they laid flowers at the cenotaph.

None of the locals joined the neo-Nazis. Moreover, among passersby there were quiet demands aimed towards the police to “remove these evil spirits from our city”. The police didn’t intervene.

The neo-Nazis, according to the police, arrived in Odessa from Kiev and Kharkov. After the action they stated that will go to bring order to Kulikovo Field, and they actually went there.

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