Neo-Nazis Poured Paint Over “Vatutin” Monument in Kiev & Demanded Its Demolition

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


After the Verkhovna Rada removed anti-church laws from the agenda, the “brainwashed” decided to compensate with the monument to Vatutin. Especially as it is located in Mariinsky park, near the parliament building.

Left feeling indignant due to the fact that the General wears a shinel [military overcoat – ed], “dignified revolutionaries” poured red paint over a monument, trying to thus humiliate the winners of WW2, even if they are in stone. The staff of municipal services already go to work, trying to wash the monument at the place of events. In the capital the police haven”t yet comment on the incident and nobody looks for the vandals. After all, if it was a statue of Konovalts or a memorable sign to Bandera that was damaged, then the police would go to work pronto…

Even the fact that on May 9th Generals of the UAF laid flowers at the bottom of the Hero of the Soviet Union General Nikolay Vatutin in Kiev didn’t save the monument from the hands of “patriots”.

However, it is not the first attack on the liberator of Kiev from fascists. Less than a month ago, radicals from the Nationalist Azov Corps hung a sign with the inscription “Executioner Destroyed by Ukrainian Nationalists” on the neck of the stone Vatutin. Moreover, neo-fascists called to carry out such acts on all participants of the Second World War, however, Eurovision prevented this plan from being fully embodied. But it is possible not to doubt that the next year Banderists will compensate themselves using the remaining elderly veterans. So far they demand from the Kiev authorities to demolish a monument to the Hero of the Soviet Union because in Ukraine there is a war where the aggressor is Russia – the actual successor of the USSR. Generally, anti-Russian hysteria in Ukraine continues, and the demolition of the remaining monuments fits into the concept of complete desovietization, which was blessed by Poroshenko.

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