Neo-Nazis Smashed up a Shop Featuring Erased Maidan Graffiti, Prosecutor’s Office Opened a Criminal Case to Defend Them

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



Several dozens of radical “not-Nazis” smashed the glass and splashed paint on the walls of shop of a luxury furniture “Emporium” shop, on the facade of which “patriotic graffiti” was drawn during Maidan.

Recently this graffiti disappeared, which became the pretext for a pogrom for nationalists from C14 and other radical organizations. Like many other businessmen whose shops and cafes are situated there, where the main collisions in the winter of 2013-2014 took place, the owner of “Emporuim” supported Maidan activists financially.

Not-Nazi Dmitry Riznichenko broke the door of the shop and wrote on the building’s window “Maidan was here, and it will be eternally here!”.

The inscription “respect for history” appeared on another window, and on the door – “You will not erase us”.

Just after activists brought car tires to the shop and set fire to them. They also threw eggs at the building. A woman, who refused to be identified, tried to remove the tyres, but she was pushed away.

She also was egged. Police officers arrived at the shop and tried to prevent the actions of activists.

It is also worth noting that the Ukrainian Institute of National Memory already stated that the “patriotic graffiti”, which depicts Taras Shevchenko, Ivan Franko, and Lesya Ukrainka in the guise of maidan activists/radicals, is a monument of history according to the order of the Ministry of culture, and its destruction is a crime and falls under Part 2 of Article 298 of the Criminal Code — willful illegal extermination, destruction or damage to cultural heritage objects or parts thereof.

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And although the graffiti from the time of Maidan, which was erased by representatives of the “Emporium” furniture store on Grushevskogo Street, do not appear in the register of objects of cultural heritage, which the well-known lawyer and the political expert Elena Diatchenko wrote on her page on Facebook, the Kiev prosecutor’s office opened criminal proceedings upon the destruction of graffiti from a building’s facade on Grushevskogo Street in the capital. This was reported by the Prosecutor-General Yury Lutsenko on his Facebook page.

The event finished with the owner of the salon of furniture “Emporium” on Grushevskogo Street in Kiev Igor Dotsenko reporting about the closure of the shop after a series of events connected to the disappearance from the facade memorable graffiti from the time of Maidan, and the pogrom, with the burning of tyres and smashing of show-windows by radical organizations. The owner reported about his decision to close the shop on his page on Facebook.

At the same time Igor Dotsenko assures that neither he, nor his employees erased the graffiti from the shop, but it became a hostage of vandals.

“Dear citizens! The ‘Emporium’ salon is closed! Despite the fact that for three and a half years we surveyed and looked after the graffiti, we became the hostages of provokers who painted over this work in order to commit this act of vandalism. About 200 blamed me using a sophisticated obscenity, but at the same time more than 1,500 people sent me a friend request, and it is precisely this that is important! Nevertheless, I hope that the police and court will find out who, where. and how. All all the best!” noted Igor Dotsenko.

“The owner of the store denies that he gave the order to wash off the ‘revolutionary’ graffiti.

This could be done only by municipal services, which are subordinated to Klitschko [the mayor of Kiev – ed]. And it is Klitschko who should be held accountable.

Exactly the same as the way as the order on Maidan to install a Christmas tree was given by Popov and not by Yanukovych (even though it stemmed from Levochkin).”


The owner of the shop in Kiev on the Grushevskogo Street is a vandal, no different from ISIS terrorists who destroyed Palmyra!
How?!! How could his hand raise to destroy such a cave painting, which in a hundred years the cultural and archaeological world would have admired, studying the excavation of the civilization of ‘Homo Maidanians’?

The Prosecutor-General Lutsenko is correct!

Put the barbarians into the pyre, to teach them a lesson!

Otherwise, how will descendants learn about the culture of agriculture and livestock of the most ancient nation, living in their great agricultural State in the early 21st century, if Goat Marsh [Maidan – ed], allotments and pigsties are demolished, created by Ragul hand in the very center of the capital of a European State?

Sure is sure: It is necessary to recognise Kiev as the eighth wonder of the world and to take it under the protection of UNESCO. For this there is a need to evict the entire population that are not able to appreciate, preserve, and enhance the heritage of the nation that gave the world Christ, Buddha, the pyramids of Egypt, and the biotoilets of Klitschko.

For a city that must be closed-off by a high fence and a deep moat, it is sufficient to have several hundred art experts in balaclavas from the Institute of National Memory’s Viatrovych, C-14, ‘Azov’, and ‘Right sector’.”

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