Neo-Nazis Started a Campaign Against the Ukrainian Orthodox Church

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Ukrainian neo-Nazi groups, after blocking the Ukrainian subsidiaries of Russian banks, found for themselves a new purpose – the fight against canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church.

On the resources of different neo-Nazi groups, photos of posters synchronously appeared agitating against the Ukrainian Orthodox Church with the text “The Moscow patriarchy is the occupier’s weapon – For United Local Ukrainian Church”.

It is noteworthy that this campaign against the Ukrainian Orthodox Church was immediately joined by the neo-Nazi group C14 – at the origin of the creation of which stands Andrey Medvedko, who is accused of murdering Oles Buzina – being an informal youth wing of Svoboda. The decryption of the abbreviation  C14 is “Sich” 14 – day of Pokrov, which apologists of UPA aim to usurp. I recall that the Odessa neo-Nazi Maksim Chaika – killed in a fight with an anarchist 8 years ago, a memorial plaque to whom was opened in Odessa the other day – was a part of the Odessa detachment of this group.

On Facebook the “Go away Moscow patriarchate from Ukraine” page was created and for some reason the administration of Facebook doesn’t see in this the violation of rights and persecution on religious grounds.

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