New “ATO” in Transcarpathia: Ukrainian Militant-Nazis Prepare to Quell a Possible Hungarian Uprising

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Militant-Nazis and veterans of the so-called ATO start the preparation for the quelling of a possible Hungarian uprising in Transcarpathia.

This was reported on the blog of one of the leaders of the neo-Nazi group C14 Evgen Karas, who visited the most Western region of Ukraine.

“I was in Transcarpathia. I held a patriotic educational event for activists…

The government is paralyzed. Corruption, stupidity, inertia.

The enemy — Hungarian chauvinists — sprinkle money over our land. They recruit traitors. They prepare a springboard.

The underground paramilitary units of Hungarians already act on our territory, they train together with the Hungarian army twice a year. The SBU is powerless, they admit there is a problem. Here everyone has a Hungarian-Ukrainian dual passport.

The only ones who this matters to are nationalists and ATO volunteers. But we will not give up our land. If Transcarpathia will come ablaze, everybody will come here. We are already working on the initial planning,” wrote Karas.

Militants from C14 in Transcarpathia

Commenters agree that the situation in Transcarpathia becomes worrying for Ukraine. Even the basing in the region of the 128th separate mountain infantry brigade of the UAF doesn’t help anything. Nationalists affirm that half of this brigade “look in the direction of Hungary” and that at the “zero hour” they can choose the side of Budapest – as it already was with the Ukrainian military in Crimea.

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