New Billboard in Kherson: “If Nostalgia Tortures You, Luggage-Train-Russia!”

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


In Kherson a scandalous poster appeared offering all who feel nostalgic for the old days – to get out of Ukraine.

The photo of the billboard with the scandalous poster was published on the social network page of public figure and former member of Parliament Alexey Zhuravko.

According to politician, in total three provocative posters were installed in the city. One is at the market on Komkov Street, the second is at the intersection of Perekopsky and Mira street, and the third is at the intersection of Bishnevoy and 200 years of Kherson.

“Honestly, these morons do not learn. It is precisely because of the first post-Madian vote on the depriving the Russian language of its status, and because of their “Hang Moskal on branch” that Crimea and Donbass left,” commented Zhuravko upon the appearance of the posters.

He noted that the current government of Ukraine, instead of looking for ways to unite the people of Ukraine, on the contrary – is only making the divide between people stronger and stronger. Instead of developing the country, building infrastructure, and improve the living standards of the population, on the contrary, they do everything so that Ukrainians are either dead or flee the country without looking back.

“Now these freaks don’t even pretend to disguise it – they are not ashamed to erase history, to name a street in honor of the murderers of their own people, to jail and kill all those who don’t agree with them, and to consider  warmth for nostalgia as a crime!” said the angry politician.

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