New Book “Tragedy of Ukraine”: Galician “Ethnic Mutants” Took Power in Ukraine

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


In Moscow in the building of the Institute of CIS Countries a presentation of the book of Yuri Kozlov “The Tragedy of Ukraine” took place. Its main concept is formed by a compilation of selected articles of the author about the situation in Ukraine, relations with Russia, warns about the danger of Galician nationalism, and also raises other burning issues.

The Tragedy of Ukraine in Yuri Kozlov’s presentation is pretty severe. The author openly declares that Galicia, which territorially is a part of independent Ukraine, in reality is not Ukraine, and Galician nationalists are actually not Ukrainians, but ethnic mutants, who used as a weapon the SS-Bandera ideology and political practice.

He affirms that the population of Ukraine and the ethnos of Galicia now, for political and religious reasons, cannot peacefully coexist in one state, noting that the intelligence and morality of the Galician nationalist and deformed and are at a level below the lowest threshold.

“By the end the question has not been fully examined: How in a time of peace in Ukraine did the Galician Nazis manage to seize power, to begin the banderization of the entire nation, to prepare the project of aggressive Galician-Nazist “Banderorossa” [insinuation of Hitler’s “Barbarossa” plan in the USSR – ed]? After all, we defeated German-fascist and Galician nationalism! The assessments and conclusions made in my book are not recognized by most of the media. And, moreover, by state structures. Nevertheless, I affirm that these principles and assessments are valid,” stressed Yury Kozlov.

According to the author, in relation to the Galician nationalists, whom he refers to as “ethnic mutants”, in the Soviet era  – as during the rule of Joseph Stalin, and during the reign of Nikita Khrushchev – liberal policies were applied, which became the reason for the revival of the defeated in the great Patriotic war Nazis.

“If earlier terrorism used by Galician nationalists in the fight against dissidents was disguised, now they use absolutely overt methods of terror. I want to note that in Ukraine there are no Ukrainian radicals or Ukrainian troops, all of them are Galician fascists with fascist ideology. It is Galician power that now dominates in Ukraine. There are no Ukrainian nationalists – there are only those absorbed by Galicians,” declared Yuri Kozlov.

He stressed that Ukrainians are former Russians, unlike the ethnic mutants. But since “mutants” seized power in the country, it is wrong to call the entire Ukrainian people brotherly.

“Also surprising to me is that the Jews now are friends with the Nazis. I think that for Jews, it will end badly,” declared the author.

The theses voiced by Yuri Kozlov caused a heated discussion among the attendees.

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Denis Denisov, employee of the Institute of CIS countries, moderator of the event: “Ethnical belonging and place of residence are largely two different things. It is tactless to deny the fact that 45 million Ukrainians (globally) do not exist!”.

Valentine Goydenko, head of the department of comparative legislation of the Institute of CIS countries: “Ukrainians are an artificial ethnos”.

Deacon Pavel Shulzhenok: “We can find in the world 1 million people who will be able to identify themselves as elves, and they will have their own language. The history of Ukraine didn’t exist and doesn’t exist!”

Anatoly Samarin, associate Professor, MGIMO: “Ukrainism is a completely artificial project. In short, the “great Ukrainian nation” was created by the Bolsheviks. And the emergence of Ukraine as a special state was originally organized against us, Russia.”

Galina Zaporozhtseva, Union of political emigrants and political prisoners in Ukraine: “In Ukraine there is a war for self-identity, and it is not impossible to divide Ukraine on political grounds, there now the forest can’t be seen for the trees.”

Sergey Baranov, a political scientist: “The only solution in this situation is the separation of the parts of Ukraine with which we can’t do anything with from those that we will be able to do something with. But globally, the elimination of Ukraine as a state is a difficult and impractical work.”

Bogdan Bezpalko, Deputy Director of the Center for Ukrainian and Belarusian studies at Lomonosov Moscow State University: “The term “Ukrainian” has a purely ideological nature, these people were indoctrinated in their “ethnicity” in the Soviet era. And they deny their own Russianness in contradiction of their history. Ukraine is most likely to either fall apart, or will exist for some time in a semi-destroyed condition”.

“In any case, ethnic mutants are incompatible for cohabitation with the people of Ukraine. The refusal to recognize obvious facts and evaluations as well as territory of the disintegrating Ukraine and in Russia itself, can lead to underestimation of the danger of the situation and the wrong political decisions,” summed up Yury Kozlov, apparently referring to the well-known thesis “never underestimate the enemy!”


About the author: Yuri Konstantinovich Kozlov, born in 1929, native of the Bryansk region. In 1952, after graduating from the law faculty of Ivan Franko Lvov State University, he was accepted for service in bodies of the Ministry of State Security of the USSR. He worked in various positions in the Lvov, Ivano-Frankovsk, and Zaporizhzhya regions of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic, he completed his service in 1984 with the rank of Colonel. Until 2003 he lived in Lvov, and then – in Russia. He is involved in revealing falsifications in the history of the Second World War, takes part in scientific conferences, is the author of several articles, and acts as an expert on television.

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“Ukrainian patriots” after what was written by Yuri Kozlov just have to bang their pots on the wall and look for any plausible refutation to the facts outlined in the book. For starters, they can mobilize all of the modern Ukrainian historians, beginning with “Professor” Valery Bebik and finishing with “custodian of national memory” by Vladimir Vyatrovych. After all, the definition of “ethnic mutants” sounds not beautiful at all… And in relation to the most ancient Ukrainian nation – and even more so… In other words, potheaded, go forward to new historical research for the treasury of world psychiatry!

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