New Constitution & the Territory Around Russia

If you think that the adoption of amendments to the Constitution, and in fact the adoption of a new Constitution, is only the internal affair of Russia and its citizens, then this is a deep delusion.

Putin’s proposed amendments, versions of which, by the way, were sent from all over the country to the Kremlin, were combined by topic and meaning, and formalised into final proposals, which in turn were literally “smelted” into the texts of new laws.

Putin only started this process by subtly sensing the mood of the popular majority, and the multi-ethnic people of Russia did not keep themselves waiting.

In the end, we got what we got… The proposed amendments have changed not just some articles, but… the very spirit of the Constitution!

The adopted amendments will transform it from a colonial-enslaving one into the Law of a Free and Sovereign Power.

We remember how western parliamentarians carefully rushed to study these amendments. And how much western disappointment we later heard – about undemocraticness and the loss of liberalism and all sorts of bullshit.

And I am personally sick of the fact that the legal proceedings against Russian companies, even for such ambiguous ones as “Gazprom” or smaller private companies, are held in the Hague, Stockholm, or some Western city of Timbuktu.

Here is an example from 2019.

The Svea district court of appeal (Sweden) upheld one of the decisions of the Stockholm arbitration on the counterclaims of “Gazprom” and “Naftogaz“, the court said in a statement. In addition, “Gazprom” must compensate “Naftogaz” for legal expenses in the amount of about €1 million, according to the text of the court’s decision.

Can someone sane tell us all: what is this Svea district, located somewhere in Europe’s ass, which can judge our “Gazprom”? And by what right?

Ah… Exactly, now I understand!

The West is trying to instil a sense of guilt in us, because Russia is rich in gas and oil and gold, and therefore we are guilty for this.

And in what way is guilty Scarlett from the novel “Gone With the Wind”, which is now banned in the United States because of the exploitation of blacks?

Well, and allegedly in the same way it’s also us, the Russians in the form of our “Gazprom”, who are warming our hands on the needs and hopelessness and helplessness of the West.

And that means now that we have to get down on our knees and kiss the west’s shoes, just like here:

(Although off-topic, but it is very important for us living in Russia to understand that it’s not just white residents who kneel in front of blacks, but also children of the unified state exam, children not of real knowledge, but of endless testing, who had racial equality and other nonsense hammered into them by their schools. This is why the unified state exam was introduced under Yeltsin and in Russia. In order to eventually teach our children to grovel in the same way)

Have you looked at the picture, do you see any parallels?

Here is western democracy and liberalism in all its glory. By the way, note that the blacks have Adidas and Nike trainers, clearly from looted stores.

And a smart person will understand that behind the blacks and their trainers are not compassionate and sacred lambs, but people with hard square chins and super-strong English arrogance.

Simply put, multinational corporations that are ready to descend on the whole world with all their financial power, if only they can destroy the borders of states. By the way, today these corporations eat up the remnants of the former Yugoslavia, previously ate all the more or less sovereign countries of the European Union, and have already started to gnaw ukraine. (I do not write Ukraine with a capital letter simply because this territorial entity is no longer a state – I am not berating, but there is nothing to be proud of here).

But this is all just one kind of picture looming against the background of global global changes.

And there’s another view … from the side.

For many years… no… decades, a broad information war has been waged against Russia, about how Russia occupied the Baltic States, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, and even Belarus. In order for Russia to recognise the occupation and get down on its knees in front of these republics (like in the picture), and then pay them indemnities.

The elites of these countries, who have long been sold to western corporations, are trying to spread such discussions and the degree of public controversy in the direction of “Russia owes”!

Now these figures entirely consisting of the governments and elites of these “republics” are really in shock from the amendments to the Constitution that we have adopted. They hold their breath (eyes shifting and blinking from nerves) watching the process, fingers crossed in their pockets, and praying that this vote does not take place.


They are well aware that their sovereignty and independence are only truly valid as long as Russia is weak.

Today, they are quite, if not very satisfied with the fact that Russia protects them, since it is simply forced to protect its borders and keep peace on its borders. It protects them from NATO in the CSTO, protects them from rampant drug trafficking from Afghanistan with their soldiers on their borders or by the “Voronezh” stations from the west.

Today Russia is forced to give them permanent gifts of vaccines, other medicines, or any other humanitarian aid, as well as weapons.

And so they are always ready to snatch from Russia, or steal, and give nothing in return. Their constant dependence on Russia has made them hate their own Mother. They are always dependent on Russia and therefore always ready to betray it.

This will last as long as Russia is weak, insecure, and has a lack of sovereignty.

But with the adopted Constitution, Russia will start to change everything.

Russia has already remembered about the territories that were lost, and in fact stolen from it; about old Soviet debts; about foreign real estate, which is now used for free by fraternal bloodsuckers.

Elites and governments of fraternal freeloaders know that with the adoption of the amendments, very little time will pass and Russia will bill them.

They already understand that the Constitution will be adopted. They were already preparing to race to the Kremlin with declarations of eternal love and friendship.

But still they continue to look powerlessly around, for someone to now suddenly help them and rescue them from this trouble.

They still hope for a miracle. But no miracle will happen. Their end is near, because the day is about to come when the Russians will definitely come for their money.

And for their land.

That’s all I wanted to say.


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