New Details About the Kidnapping of the Ukrainian Political Prisoner Oleg Sagan From the Courtroom

On May 14th the second hearing of the Solomensky court of Kiev on the case of the political prisoner and film director Oleg Sagan took place. It started with a big delay since the hall was filled by radicals from the ultra-right organisation C14.

As the correspondent of “Strana” from the courtroom reported, the assistants of Evgeny Karas threatened to “whack” all the attendees who came to support the defendant.

During the hearing of judges, before a verdict was pronounced, the thugs stated to chant: “Separatists on prison beds!”. Representatives of the Union of Orthodox Brotherhoods led by Valentin Lukiyanik started singing the Easter anthem “Christ has risen from the dead!”. As a result the court prolonged the detention of Oleg Sagan for 60 days. The next court hearing is planned for June 11th.

“Strana” found out some details of the scandalous first court hearing concerning the case of Sagan, which took place on May 11th. As the lawyer Valentin Rybin said, the participant of the self-appointed armed escort who didn’t have any identification marks, who did not allow the seriously ill defendant to be taken to hospital, and whose balaclava was pulled off by Rybin, was an investigator from the Crimean SBU [Ukraine likes to pretend that Crimea is still Ukrainian, so the departments in Kiev that were responsible for Crimean affairs haven’t yet been closed down – ed] Sergey Nigalaty. He dealt with the case of “treason” of the former Russian Deputy Minister of Sport of Crimea Farukh Kamalov and, according to unconfirmed data, it was he who put a pregnant Odessa journalist Elena Glishchinskaya in a pre-trial detention center.

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“Were you demoted to a guard or did you decide to earn an extra $100?” said Rybin to Nigalaty when the “unidentified escort” did not release the defendant demanding urgent hospitalisation together with the emergency doctor locked in the court detention cage.

“Let him go to hospital,” asked Sagan’s wife Galina. “He is a an ill person who is 63 years old. He already lost weight in prison by 30 kg. Look at his hands – they are like relics in the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra”. However, according to Galina, Nigalaty responded by saying: “He will go to hospital over my dead body”.

The convoy – which, as it turned out, under the command of Nigalaty (the investigator of the SBU!) also brought Oleg Sagan from the Kherson pre-trial detention center to Kiev – did not allow the defendant to receive the food brought by his wife. They did not even give prison food, because they did not have time to deliver the allowance to the Kiev prison..

Also, according to Galina, it was precisely Migalaty who summoned one more “unidentified” crew (but under the leadership of the operative A.V. Makarov), which kidnapped Sagan from the court.

“They ran to the hall and shouted: ‘Nobody move, we will shoot!’,” said Galina. “People hide themselves under tables, behind seats. And they made a ‘human corridor’ and dragged Oleg away out of the cage along the floor through a rear entrance into a UAZ parked in the court’s yard. The vehicle immediately sped away from the place”.

“They wanted to carry the husband to Kherson,” continued Galina, “but the lawyers Svetlana Novitskaya and Valentin Rybin said to them that they have no right to take a barely alive person, an inhabitant of Kiev, in a police van 600 km there and 600 km back. Since May 2nd – after the delivery of the indictment – it has been attached to the Solomensky Court of Kiev, therefore, he should be held at his place of residence in Kiev. Imagine – on the night of May 11th to transport him to Kherson, and the next day to transport him to the Solomensky court of Kiev again. Oleg said: ‘I cannot sustain this journey any more’.”

Immediately on May 11th Novitskaya submitted a complaint about kidnapping, but the police told her on May 13th that the person cannot be found. Nevertheless, as it became clear already in court on May 14th, law enforcement bodies listened to the demands of Rybin and Novitskaya, having left him before this date in the Kiev Lukyanovsky pre-trial detention center.

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Dmitry Skvortsov, Strana

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