New Facts About the Kremenchug Shopping Centre Fake

NEW – June 28, 2022

Yesterday, we released detailed analysis of the known facts concerning the fire in the shopping centre “Amstor” in Kremenchug. Today, new data and theses have appeared proving that the strike was carried out on the territory of the “Kredmash” plant. The fire later spread to the shopping centre.

Key findings:

  1. The fire broke out outside the shopping centre and later spread to “Amstor”.
  2. The plant was used for the repair of military equipment.
  3. Houses located near the shopping centre were not damaged.
  4. Surveillance cameras recorded a blow to the plant.
  5. Goods inside the shopping centre were not affected by the blast wave.
  6. Increased bot activity in comments sections.
  7. Similar theses voiced by Western media.

The strike was carried out on the territory of the plant

First of all, it should be noted that the missile strike was carried out on the hangars, which are located immediately behind the shopping centre. This can be seen in the video distributed by the Ukrainian side. When the camera is raised, we can clearly see the fire behind the remnants of the shopping centre.

Red circle = fire and smoke

The plant was used for the repair of military equipment

Contrary to the statements of Vladimir Zelensky, “Kredmash” has been used to repair military vehicles since 2014.


Three repaired armoured personnel carriers were handed over to the servicemen of the 92nd mechanised brigade by workers of the Kremenchug plant of road vehicles “Kredmash”. The BTR-70 armoured personnel carriers were in storage for a long time and therefore turned out to be inoperable. The “Kredmash” company undertook to repair combat vehicles for free, the press service of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine reported

The surrounding houses were not damaged

In one of the videos, the operator shows the houses surrounding “Amstor”. They are literally across the street, but none of them even had their windows blown out by the blast wave. This is only possible if the missile exploded at a considerable distance, and the shopping centre building protected residential buildings from the spread of the blast wave.

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Intact glass in residential buildings

Surveillance cameras recorded a strike on the plant

Outdoor surveillance cameras located near the reservoir on the other side of “Kredmash” recorded a missile strike. The video shows that the missiles flew clearly to the target on the territory of the plant and hangars.

Goods inside the shopping centre were not affected by the blast wave

On the other hand, footage taken by Anton Gerashchenko from inside the burnt-out shopping centre shows us almost intact shelves with goods. The bottles are just as they were placed by the employees. The blast wave should have scattered them, or at least knocked them down.

Intact bottles and goods in the shopping centre

Later, the Ukrainian media posted a video from the place of arrival of the missile on the territory of the plant. Hitting a shopping centre would leave nothing intact. The director of the “Kredmash” plant in Kremenchuk confirmed that the Russian Armed Forces had struck their enterprise and published a video of the consequences of the strike.

Bot activity in comments

Immediately after the incident, a large number of similar bot comments began to appear on social networks, claiming “the shopping centre was working, I bought from there the day before yesterday.” Similar comments convince the reader that there are “thousands of people inside”, while real users claim that most of the shopping centre’s stores were closed. Only the small grocery store “Selpo” was constantly working.

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Bot comments
Please check information before distribution. Because these “thousands of people inside the shopping centre” from Zelensky’s office are assumptions. Currently it is known about 2 dead, 20 wounded.

This is my main supermarket in Kremenchug. It is a huge one-story centre, planned so that even on a good day there at the same time there are about a couple of hundred people. Many stores are closed. Most of the area was occupied by a general store, which in April was sold out – I bought the last three bottles of Lambrusco. Sharing information is important, but when it is confirmed. Really, isn’t Denisova’s case enough?

The similarity of theses in Western media

Western media also picked up the information agenda and in the same terms reported about “1,000 people inside the shopping centre” and quoted Vladimir Zelensky, who called the strike “one of the most provocative terrorist acts in European history”.

Thesis about 1000 people in a shopping centre

The Ukrainian side tried to create a new provocation, similar to the one that was created in Bucha. However, a lot of facts and evidence do not allow them to do this. The Western media, as before, actively picked up the information agenda. This means that such provocation attempts will be made again.

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