New Law in Ukraine Allows American Pharmaceutical Companies to Use Ukrainian Children as Laboratory Rats

Translated by Ollie Richardson


The head of the Ministry of Healthcare Ulana Suprun signed on May 15th Order No. 928, which allows to carry out clinical tests of medicines on children at the “Okhmatdet” clinic [National Children’s Specialised Hospital in Kiev  – ed].

The applicant of the research for the American biological corporation “Alnylam Pharmaceuticals, Inc.” is the Ukrainian company “Contract Research Organisation InnoPharm-Ukraine”.

Research will be conducted in the National Children’s Specialised Hospital “Okhmatdet” and the Lvov department of surgery of the “Institute of Blood Pathology and Transfusion Medicine of National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine”.

In the Order it is noted that the purpose of the testing is to assess the efficiency and safety of Fitusiran in patients with hemophilia. It is interesting that in 2017 research  into Fitusirana was suspended because of a fatal case.

At the time “Alnylam Pharmaceuticals, Inc.” reported about the death of a patient with hemophilia who participated in the Fitusirana research, used to treat patients with hemophilia A and B.

In addition to this medicine, Ulana Suprun allowed, at the request of the international pharmacological company Ascendis Pharma, to study TransCon growth hormone in Ukrainian children.

Clinical tests of this hormone will take place in the Odessa regional children’s clinical hospital for the purpose of studying the safety and efficiency of its use in children with a hormone growth deficiency.

Also, a number of different new medicines that will only appear in the market will be tested on Ukrainians.

According to the Order, the National Institute of Cancer, the “Okhmatdet” clinic, and many other medical institutions in the country will take part in the program of clinical trials using Ukrainians.

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Research will be conducted in various cities of Ukraine, and, in addition to the novelties of the pharmaceutical market, the effect of placebos in patients will be studied too.

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