New NATO Military Ranks To Be Used in the Ukrainian Army

Translated by Ollie Richardson


The Ukrainian army will finally be torn off from Soviet and Russian traditions. The Ministry of Defence of Ukraine drafted a bill that provides an increase in the role of sergeants and starshina officers in the structure of the UAF according to NATO standards.

This was announced by the head of department of communications and media of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine Oksana Gavrilyuk.

According to her, currently pending consideration in the Presidential Administration, the Verkhovna Rada, and the Cabinet of Ministers are 26 drafts of the normative-legal acts providing the implementation of reforms in the sphere of defense.

“In particular, the bill “On the Introduction of Amendments to Some Laws of Ukraine on the Military Ranks of the Military Personnel” is planned for consideration in parliament. It aims to raise the role of sergeants and starshina officers in the structure of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in training, education, training of staff, and the fulfilment of tasks according to NATO standards. The document provides for the establishment of new military ranks of sergeants and starshina officers,” noted Gavrilyuk.

She also explained that it is the new army military ranks, such as “staff sergeant”, “master sergeant”, “senior master sergeant”, “chief master sergeant”, as well as the naval military ranks: “staff-starshina”, “master starshina”, “senior master starshina”, and “chief master starshina”. For this purpose the bill makes changes to the law of Ukraine “On conscription and military service”, the Charter of internal service, and the disciplinary charter of the UAF.

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As a reminder, in 2017 British instructors will train 5000 Ukrainian soldiers according to NATO standards. In addition, in 2017 in Ukraine preparatory work begun on the creation of a national system of certification of defense production according to NATO standards. And earlier the Ministry of Stepan Poltorak in one fell swoop abolished the “outdated” entire array of normative-legal documents of the Soviet time and of the first 25 years of independence regulating the activity of UAF and the Ministry of Defence. The same aim is pursued also by numerous joint-with-NATO military exercises and training of Ukrainian officers in the armies of NATO countries.

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