New Serbian MiG-29s Supplied by Russia Feature Images of Serbian Pilots Murdered Fighting NATO

Translated by Ollie Richardson


The association “Students for truth”, made up of citizens from all walks of life, addressed a request to the Serbian Ministry of Defence so that the new aircraft that Russia is ready to deliver carries the effigies of the Serbian pilots who fell fighting the Nazis in 1941, and NATO during the aggression of 1999.

The circumstances of the death of the three officers who fell fighting NATO testify to the admirable heroism and at the same time to the iniquity of the war that was triggered in defiance of international law by the United States and 17 European satellites on March 24th, 1999. The international public has never been informed of the conditions of the defenders’ fight, and Serbia’s government, submitting to NATO/EU, does not dare to celebrate these feats of strength. It is worth reminding of it here.

The lieutenant-colonel Života Djurić was downed by a shot from the DCA on March 25th, 1999, after being destroyed flying close to a position of the KLA command in Kosovo.

The commander Zoran Radosavljević was killed on 26th March 1999, after a 12-minute aerial battle against a NATO squadron. His body was found in the territory of Serbo-Bosnia (under NATO control) and put in a safe place by teenagers. Subsequently, the U.S. military searched and manhandled the local population so that they handed over the body of the pilot, but they went without success.

The commander Milenko Pavlović deliberately sacrificed himself on May 4th, 1999, by taking the place of a younger pilot and by himself confronted a formation of bombers in a defective Mig-29.

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In 78 days of battle, and despite the overwhelming dominance of the opponent, the Serbian Air Forces conducted 248 sorties and lost 6 MIG-29’s in the air and 5 on the ground.

The renewal announced of the fleet by the Russian federation, and the possibility of this symbolic decoration, makes the integration of Serbia to NATO increasingly problematic.

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