New Ukrainian “Banderists Were Anti-Fascists” Campaign Won’t Work

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


After Poland stated that the road to Europe is closed for Ukraine with Bandera, “independent” Ukraine made one more attempt to whitewash until the black dog is white. The other day the head of the Ukrainian Institute of National Memory (INM) and known falsifier of history Vladimir Vyatrovich announced the beginning of the first stage of an information campaign about the “anti-nazi fight” that was allegedly conducted by “heroes” of UPA against the German invaders.

This was stated at a press conference in Kiev, and in the same place posters were presented to members of the public describing the “anti-nazi front of UPA” and the “10 biggest battles of UPA with nazis”. It is reported that this action is devoted to the 75th anniversary of UPA celebrated this year in Ukraine. And also Vyatrovich promised to hold a special exhibition about UPA for this anniversary like the one about anti-nazi movements in Europe.

Polish media reported that the historian from Sweden Per Anders Rudling, specializing in the history of OUN-UPA, subjected this campaign to sharp criticism. He wrote on the Internet that “in connection with the current propagandist campaign”, which was officially started by the Ukrainian INM, the dean of the history faculty of the Taras Shevchenko National University of Kiev Ivan Patrilyak publicly presented the following data:

“According to the fullest estimates of the modern Ukrainian researcher in domestic historiography A. Denishchuk, UPA and the armed OUN (b) groups from 1942 to 1944 carried out 2526 anti-German actions, as a result of which 12,427 Germans and their allies were destroyed, 2,047 were wounded, and 2,448 was taken prisoner. UPA lost in the fight against the German invaders 2,251 comrades in arms, 475 – wounded, 536 – were taken prisoner”.

“Freedom” by all means

Rudling notes that practically the same information was published in Ivan Patrilyak’s book “Victory or death! The Ukrainian liberation movement in 1939-1960”, published in 2012 by the Center for Research of Liberation Movement, on p. 292.

“In Patrilyak’s book of 2012 there are no links, and isn’t shown that the information was verified. His strange affirmation that the constantly badly armed divisions of OUN-UPA killed 12,427 German invaders, with their own losses of 2,251 persons, has very low-plausibility,” summarises the historian.

He also pays attention to the very doubtful reliability of the source of information:

“The source of these figures of Patrilyak is published in 2008 in two volumes, published by the same author, Alexander Denishchuk’s book, a therapist from the Rovno region. And it’s not only Denishchuk that doesn’t have enough historical education. The book was sponsored by the head of “Svoboda” Oleg Tyagnybok. Much more serious is the fact that the figures presented aren’t confirmed by the German archives”.

It should be added that “historian” Patrilyak is a professional popular writer of ideas of Ukrainian nationalism. Earlier he equated the murder of Poles by Ukrainians in Volyn and in Galicia with the fight against colonialism. “Was the ousting of Portuguese from Mozambique genocide?” he asks.

Per Anders Rudling

The historian Per Rudling for already many years has studied the activity of Ukrainian nationalists in the years of World War II and is considered as a recognized expert in this area. In his works he calls these formations “fascist organizations”, and presents numerous facts of their cooperation with nazis and participations in the massacring of Poles and Jews. And the Swedish historian considers various historical “research” of Vyatrovich as “mythical narrations” based on forgeries of OUN that were fabricated after the end of war.

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Bandera’s cult

In one of his works he presents the statement of the representative of UPA Ivan Khrynyok at negotiations with the German security service “SD” in March, 1944: “those who believe that Bandera’s group considers the German Reich as the enemy are mistaken”. In his opinion, the situation would have been completely different if Nazis allowed Banderists to create a puppet government in Ukraine under the protectorate of Germany.

However these hopes of nationalists didn’t lead to anything, and therefore Bandera’s group had to operate on the territory of the country illegally, but as Hrynyok emphasized, it “strictly adhered to the rule of non-aggression against German interests” and all this time was preparing “for a decisive fight with Moscovites”. In fact, this statement gives the full understanding of what in reality the so-called “anti-nazi fight” of UPA represented.

It is also remarkable that at the beginning of the propaganda campaign about UPA as an “anti-nazi” movement was connected to Vyatrovich with the date February 8th, 1943. Allegedly on this day the first fight of Banderists with the German occupiers took place. According to Ukrainian “historians”, at this time units of UPA under the leadership of Grigory Pereginyak (pseudo “Korobka”, “Dovbeshka”) attacked the German garrison in the city of Vladimirets in the Rovno area. However, in Poland Pereginyak is known for other “feat”, which really happened and was recorded in many Polish sources.

On February 9th, 1943, a unit of “Dovbeshka-Korobka” came to the Polish village of Parosli, where they presented themselves as Soviet partisans. In a fraudulent manner the residents of the village were tied up and then killed using knives and axes. Nobody was spared, even babies. Some women before death were cruelly raped. Murders were committed with a special sadism: people’s noses, ears, lips, tongues were cut off, womens’ breasts were cut off, some babies were pinned to a kitchen table with bayonets. In total 173 Poles from 26 families were killed. The tragedy in Parosli is considered in Poland as the beginning of the Volyn massacre. It is in this way that the “first fight of UPA with the German occupiers” is remembered in Poland.

“Here was the Polish village of Parosli”. Monument to the victims of Banderists

In Poland Pereginyak before war was condemned for the murder of the designated head of village, and sat in jail together with Stepan Bandera, who probably inspired him for future “feats”. He was liberated from the Polish prison in 1939 by the units of the Wehrmacht on the offense. Now in Ukraine Pereginyak is considered as a hero, his compatriots are proud of him, and called in his honor one of streets in his native village where earlier his house was. And in the town of Vladimirets a memorial plaque was with his name was installed.

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The new undertaking of Vyatrovich was also commented on by the known historian and political scientist of Ukrainian origin from Canada Ivan Kachanovsky on his Facebook page:

“The Ukrainian Institute of National Memory led by Vyatrovich begins a propaganda campaign on the celebration of the fake anniversary of the creation of UPA in October, 1942, and the presentation of OUN and UPA as the main anti-nazi force during World War II in Ukraine. The scientific research of western scientists, including my own, concerning cooperation of OUN and UPA with nazi Germany at the beginning and end of the war, and the participation of OUN and UPA in the massacre of Jews, Poles, Ukrainians, and Russians, are subjected to attacks or ignored”.

It is necessary to remind that already in 2007 Colonel Sergey Nikulin from Crimea made a request to the German archives concerning the participation of Banderists in fights with German fascist invaders. German experts then gave an answer in which it was clearly said that in the archives there is no data on the losses of the Wehrmacht caused by participants of formations of UPA.

In Poland the known public figure priest Tadeush Isakovich-Zalesky also reported in the summer of last year that in the Polish archives there is no information “about fights of Banderists with Hitler’s troops”. By the way, the priest on the air of the TVP1 channel recently called Vladimir Vyatrovich “the Ukrainian Goebbels”.

As a whole it is possible to note that, despite all the efforts of modern Ukrainian “Goebbels”, they won’t succeed to rewrite history. Neither Poland, Germany, nor other countries of the West will believe their new fables about Banderists – “anti-fascists”, and “heroes” of UPA will forever remain in history as collaborators, fanatics, and murderers.

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