New Ukrainian Law on LDPR “Collaborators”: “Everybody Will Be Punished, Even the Caretakers!”

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The odious Ukrainian deputy Anton Gerashchenko introduced a bill in the Verkhovna Rada, which provides that after the hypothetical capture of Donbass by the army of Ukraine, all local residents will be pursued for 25 years, and to find out whether they were “collaborators” there or not.

This was described on the air of the Ukrainian side of “Radio Svoboda” by the lawyer and leader of the public organization “Space of Opportunities” Irina Loyuk.

“Today the law is already ready, we’ve been preparing it for a long time, studying the foreign practice of creating relations with collaborators in other countries, in order to insert the obtained data into the basis of our law.

In this case, we perfectly understand that we won’t be able to make changes to the existing criminal code concerning those people who already committed crimes. We can use only those articles that already exist, and this is high treason or terrorist activity.

So what to do with those people, as Anton Gerashchenko said, who didn’t commit very serious crimes, and who have no blood on their hands?

To simply forgive them for assisting the occupation is impossible, because it will lead to a feeling of impunity. That’s why using the experience of western countries and the recommendation of PACE, we decided that the introduction of administrative restrictions will be the best method.

They will concern the right to hold certain State positions, participation in elections, access to State secrets, we have a very big list of restrictions for those people who showed disloyalty to Ukraine.

This law will be in effect for 25 years, it will concern people who held certain positions in State authorities, people who organised mass actions in support of the LDPR. Everyone will be punished, even the caretakers working in the Republics,” reported Irina Loyuk.

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