New Video Sheds Light on What Happened in Odessa Before the House of Trade Unions Massacre

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


A video from Odessa that was filmed on May 2nd, 2014 was posted on the Internet. This video hasn’t been posted online before. 
This was written by Igor Sivak on his Facebook page.

“I suddenly found among decent people a supporter of the narrative about the mass riots and the accident that is actively promoted by the so-called ‘Group of May 2nd‘, mostly consisting of accomplices of the massacre – a crime against humanity that we call the Odessa Khatyn.

No matter how they try to cover their tracks, the truth will rise to the surface. The culprits must be punished. The Maidan-fascist regime and its minions will be brought to justice.

In this video a group of equipped people with special means and Kalashnikovs rush into the ‘Athena’ Shopping Center. Where were they two hours later when the House of Trade Unions was burning? In the very least they should be judged for criminal inaction. But, in reality, they are also accomplices.

The backs of the Maidanists who did the dirty work were watched by the special troops, and they observed the crime that later happened with indifference. As law enforcement bodies, they were obliged to intervene on Grecheskaya Square, to separate the two sides and detain all armed persons, all of them, in accordance with the laws of Ukraine, which, however, were buried by Maidan together with the Constitution and the rights and freedoms of citizens. And May 2nd was confirmation of this burial. And, besides this, we don’t know where they (and other groups of special troops) were and what tasks they carried out during the rest of the day. All of them had guns. We don’t know how and where the weapons were used. The security guard of Nemirovsky had a Kalashnikov with a scope – who did he aim at? Where was he when the first Right Sector activist was killed? During normal investigative actions, all of this is checked, and the weapon is sent off for an examination. Every cop and SBU employee had to write an official report.

On that day a special operation was carried out by the special services of Ukraine, and maybe of other countries. The forces that were involved in it were divided into several contours.

The lowest one is the so-called ‘march for Ukraine’, a march-disguise that was organised by today’s members of ‘Group of May 2’; further up the hierarchy are football hooligans, then the hundreds of Maidan; then there is the terrorists trained by Yarosh and other Nazi organisations; then the special troops of the SBU and the Ministry of Internal Affairs, perhaps the special troops of the General intelligence Directorate and curators from the CIA or of one small Middle Eastern country.

Now, for obvious reasons, we can’t prove this and carry out a full investigation, but we will surely interrogate them – all who were in this video and in others too.

By the way, the first Maidan-fascist was shot using a Kalashnikov. Did someone verify the guns of these people? And the guns of the protection of Nemirovsky? No? But they should’ve…”

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