Next Year, Putin’s Tyranny Will Be Afraid of Lyubov Sobol

Everyone knows about the latest “investigation” of Navalny, during which he took the title of king of pranks from Vovan and Lexus. A number of inaccuracies and absurdities were pointed out, starting with the fact of such a long and detailed conversation with a “FSB officer” and ending with the clock on the wall. I will not talk about all this, let’s talk about Navalny’s loyal colleague Lyubov Sobol.

In the course of the “investigation“, this little madam forcibly and deceptively broke into the home of a relative of the alleged poisoner of the Russian opposition’s Fuhrer. At first, she introduced herself as an employee of the Sanitary-Epidemiological Service, then deceived a courier from a pizzeria, then broke into the pensioner’s place.

Let’s put the “investigation” to one side and ask ourselves: what did she want to find there? Jerrycans of Novichok? A bloody ice pick? Instructions for using poisons instead of a cookbook? That’s the purpose of this event? She isn’t a very good lawyer and should have understood that it is quite possible to open a criminal case under part 2 of article 139 of the Criminal Code (violation of the inviolability of a home, committed with the use of violence).

I think it’s all about the State Duma elections next year and “smart” voting. I deliberately put the word smart in quotation marks because the most reasonable thing that our opposition can do is not to be allowed to vote. How? Well, everything is simple, incriminate yourself, get a conditional sentence, and then yell to the whole world that “Putin’s dictatorship was afraid of Sobol” and “United Russia does not allow the opposition to vote”.

Even the Levada Center, which has the status of a foreign agent, gave Navalny a measly 3%, and his real approval rating is probably even lower. This is perfectly understood by the foreign owners of Navalny and Co. and it is not in their interests to allow their puppets to fail.

It is much more advantageous to once again play the “victim of the regime”, and under this case issue another batch of sanctions against Russia, raise a howl about political repression in Mordor . And yes, in accordance with Gene Sharp’s manuals, a little prison sentence and the focus of the attention of the investigative authorities being on him is useful for recognition and his approval rating, and also creates around him a certain aura of a sufferer, a martyr of conscience.

But why not give a real prison term to offenders so that the oppositionists who have lost their minds with a guarantee will miss not only the election of 2021, but also the next one…

Mak Sim

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