NEXTA’s “Victory Plan” – Destroy Belarus At Any Cost

If you have stopped following the Belarusian “protest” that is beginning to become monotonous and boring, then there is good news — NEXTA has published a detailed program that is eloquently called Victory Plan. However, the word “good” in relation to this news is clearly asking for quotation marks: the plan is inherently insane, inhumane, and destructive. I want to add also – “and impossible”, but here how to see, how to see…

There is a simple dependence: the further a commander is from the front line, the more abstractly he disposes of millions of soldiers’ lives, the more callously and calmly he drives them to the slaughter like chess pieces. This is the impression that comes from reading the “Victory Plan”: far from Belarusian realities, from their specific and living “soldiers”, foreign “commanders” suggest that Belarusians act almost in the style of “attacks in human waves”, like Chinese volunteers in the Korean war — there are no other words to choose!

We read in the section “Economic front” the list of necessary measures to fight the government: “Withdrawal of deposits from the state banks and the complete disregard of any of their services. Delay or non-payment of taxes. Salaries in white envelopes, work without cheques (if possible). Abandonment of food and clothing produced by state-owned enterprises. Maximum emphasis on the private and import markets. Delay in payment for utilities. Pay the required minimum and wait till the very last moment. Refusal of the private market to work with state structures and security forces. No services to the occupiers.”

An immodest question: don’t you need to burn your own house down – well, in order “to drive the German out into the cold”? And in fact, it’s all about that: how will the average Belarusian exist if, firstly, they are on strike (i.e., they are severely cut off in terms of income), secondly, they are deprived of the opportunity to run their own small business by prohibiting cooperation with the state, and thirdly, they are obliged to buy some special “opposition” goods that are not available to them and are clearly not the cheapest. Some kind of apotheosis of contempt for an ordinary person, at the cost of whose normal life they want to damage the state!

But this is only the beginning! What will happen to those who most brazenly start to violate the laws – to evade taxation, payment of utilities, and compliance with labour laws? That’s right, law enforcement will deal with it – and without any “reprisals”, just on the basis of the well-known current legal norms. If you want to “shake the regime” – okay, wait for the tax authorities, police, and bailiffs. For some reason, “NEXTA” don’t say a word about this prospect – they just order: so, we all do it, and hooray, Lukashenko will run away, because there will be nothing to pay the “punishers” with.

Why does it not occur to anyone that if the budget stops being replenished – whether from strikes or from such a mass boycott – the Evil Dictator will simply redirect the remaining money from social payments to pay for the security forces? Cynical? Well, Yes, but how else. “‘Will you drink less?’ ‘No, it’s you who will eat less’.” There are more pensioners than OMON: I cut pensions for grannies by 10% — so the “dogs of the regime” are fed. Or do you think that the Evil Dictator first of all, looking at the decreasing income in the treasury, will rush to put those who defend him on starvation rations? No, really?!

“While the fat is withering, the thin will die” – have you ever heard such a saying? But if there are a lot of “thin” people, then attacking with a human wave, the last of them in theory get a chance to strangle a machine gunner who has run out of ammunition. To strangle — and to stand proudly on his corpse and hundreds of corpses of his comrades … H is for humanism!

If you look for the most cynical phrase in the “Victory Plan”, then this one takes the biscuit: “We care about your relatives (or close to you) who may lose their jobs due to the impending collapse of the economy being destroyed by the occupiers”. The economy being DESTROYED BY THE INVADERS – oh, wow! I.e., the mentees of “NEXTA” with all their might, from strikes to boycotts, are trying somehow to save and support the Belarusian economy, but the damned occupiers do not allow them to do this, and destroy the poor thing, destroy it! “War is peace, freedom is slavery” and so on, according to the classics.

It is not for nothing that we started talking about the fact that the “headquarters of the opposition” is absolutely indifferent to the fate of its “infantry” – it is pushed specifically under the wheels of articles of the Criminal Code, and all the rhetoric about “peaceful protest” has long been a total lie. “Help identify the punishers and identify those involved in the atrocities. Let’s make sure they can’t hide behind their black masks. The established persons of punishers, occupiers, falsifiers, and accomplices must be known throughout the country. Hang up their faces in the area of residence, let all people know who their neighbour is” – here the fools will violate several articles of the Criminal Code: violating the secrecy of personal data, threats, intimidation, and invasion of privacy. And without any, we repeat, “reprisals” , you can take any such maidanist and put them in jail with full justification for violating several points of the Criminal code. Does it matter that it’s a “headquarters”? Not at all!

“Find contact with politicians from other countries and push through the Belarusian agenda” – the Criminal Code article about espionage has opened its arms! By the way, does it have the death penalty?.. Or life?.. Oh, no, only 7 to 15 years. It’s nothing, they’ll be patient. “Long live Belarus”, you know, victory requires sacrifice.

“Creating groups of volunteers who will monitor the suppression of provocations during marches and protests. Create local law enforcement forces in your area that will stop provocations of the occupiers aimed at destroying cars and property of citizens. Creation of intelligence groups that will record the identity of punishers, in order to describe their actions and deanonymise” – the creation of organised criminal groups or illegal armed groups. How lovely!

And finally, what will it all be called? The “Belarusian People’s Movement”!

Immediately, automatically, both “parents” of this mutant come to mind – “Belarusian Popular Front” and “People’s Movement of Ukraine”. The first one is the very BPF, where, as “from childhood”, all the current maidanists come from – Zianon Pazniak, the white-red-white flag, “Pahonia”, and so on – everything from there. And the second – well, everything is also clear: Vyacheslav Chornovol, the independence of Ukraine from the USSR, the rehabilitation of OUN-UPA, the most massive right-wing party in early Ukraine in the early 90s, from where all the other Tyagniboks and Yaroshs came out. I.e., the current Belarusian People’s Republic declares its full ideological continuity from these two forces with all their features: bestial, pathological Russophobia, clinical “westernism”, morbid anti-Sovietism, and so on. And the whole lie that “the protests are not pro-Russian and not anti-Russian” fell like a house of cards! Now everything fell into place! It is clear for what it is and what it is focusing on.

As the creators of “Wunderwaffe” promise, “this autumn will be the last for the regime”. Strange, but a week ago it was promised that if 100,000 people came out, the “Cockroach” would run away. And what? And where? The price of these promises is about the same.

Grigory Ignatov

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