Nidal Sabeh: Damascus Will Regain Control over Idlib Province by Striking a Deal With Ankara

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The Arab analyst Nidal Sabeh said that the Idlib Governorate in the northwest of Syria, which has become the bridgehead of different armed groups, will transition to Damascus’ control should a deal about the normalisation of relations with Ankara be struck.

According to him, Turkey “is no less interested than Jordan is in the fastest opening of the Nasib check-point on the border with Syria for the transit of goods to oil-producing countries of the Persian Gulf after an 8-year break”. In addition, as TASS reports, the presence of 3 million refugees on the territory of Turkey becomes a heavier and heavier burden on its economy with each passing year, stressed the expert.

However, he noted that the president of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan is concerned about the Kurdish question above all other problems. “He (Erdogan) needs guarantees from Damascus that Kurdish autonomy wont appear on the borders with Turkey in the future,” said Sabeh.

He suggested that the developments in Syria have reached such a point where the parties will conclude deals of exceptional importance that in the recent past were impossible to imagine. “At the same time, the key role in achieving agreements will belong to Russia,” he concluded. Sabeh said that the events in the South and the Southwest of Syria serve as the best confirmation of this, where in one month “the whole bastion of the armed opposition” transitioned to the government’s control.

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