Nikolaev – Krivoy Rog: Counter Strike

NEW – August 11, 2022

In this article, we will discuss the situation in the NikolaevKrivoy Rog direction.

I want to demonstrate once again how much the work of the General Staff of the Russian Army is better than that of NATO. Appreciate the beauty of your actions.

In a previous article, I told you what happened in Donbass and how we managed to concentrate artillery in the Donetsk region, which allowed us to support the offensive:

“The General Staff of the Russian Federation has started moving from two locations. From Crimea and from the Lisichansk region by the following routes”. 

Some were deployed in the Donetsk region, but what about the part that was actually transferred to this direction?

I have already evaluated the general plan of the UAF offensive in this direction in the article, and I will repeat it briefly. In the area marked with the number 1, artillery was concentrated (including those transferred from near Donetsk) to support the offensive, tank units were moved to the area under the number 2, and assault infantry was moved to the area under the number 3, as it is necessary to cross the river there.

In total, forces of up to 10,000-12,000 people and up to two tank battalions were concentrated in this direction.

Why did the artillery concentrate there? Because the UAF, using the airfield, as well as the railway, created a large warehouse in the Voznesensk area, which was supposed to feed the artillery shells.

Everything seems to be correct, and according to the textbook. However, it seems that the NATO headquarters put Fins and Estonians on the implementation of this plan. They do everything right, but oh-oh-oh-so slow-oh-oh.

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Then it’s even more interesting.

After a breakthrough was outlined near Donetsk, the UAF dragged the artillery back to Donetsk. The General Staff of the Russian Federation seems to have been waiting for this moment and took out a warehouse near Voznesensk, where, according to estimates, 40,000 tons of carefully brought and prepared NATO shells acquired by honest labour were destroyed. Warehouse managers in Europe dance and open champagne, this is a write-off.

At the same time, taking advantage of the lack of artillery from the UAF, which is crawling towards Donetsk, they advanced their own to the water itself and worked on the areas of concentration.

The Ukrainian Armed Forces lost at least a company of tanks, and the losses in manpower are also significant.

Moreover, since the small remaining arta of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in this area was left without ammunition (and the warehouses in Nikolaev were taken out even earlier), they also began to attack from Snigiryovka to the west in the direction of Nikolaev.

Now is an interesting moment. A classic fork. If they throw reserves under Donetsk, then Russian troops will strengthen the offensive on Nikolaev. If the reserves go there, they will continue the offensive near Donetsk.

It is still difficult to say how serious the counterattack from Snigiryovka is, but if successful, they can develop an offensive here, despite the threat from the UAF to the east, since without artillery, a widely spread offensive loses its meaning.

The General Staff of the Russian Federation once again acts boldly and riskily relying on accurate knowledge of the situation.

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How successful these two offensives will be will become clear in the coming weeks. At the same time, we should not forget the battles near Bakhmut and the north of Kharkov.

Gradually, the summer campaign begins to activate and move into development.

Krich Li

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