Nikolaev: Radicals Singing the Ukrainian National Anthem Assaulted Women and Followers of the Orthodox Church

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


On September 6th in Nikolaev, near the under-construction temple of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, there was a conflict that developed into a fight, initiated by radicals from the “Sokol” organization and representatives of the “Svoboda” party.

Several dozens of representatives of these organizations gathered near the territory of the construction and, under the slogan “Get out, Moscow’s Priest!”, used a hammer and other tools to breach the fence.

Several believers of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, mainly elderly women, gathered to defend the future temple. Having tried to stop the disorder they were beaten by the men who acted, according to them “in the name of the people”.

After representatives of the far-right organizations entered the territory where the temple is being constructed, they broke the wooden timbering of the base.

Believers of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church who tried to prevent them didn’t receive any support from the police officers who were present at the same time.

All of this ended with the singing of the anthem of Ukraine on the one hand, and the chanting of prayers on the other. The employees of the police that were present at the conflict didn’t intervene in the events.

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