Nikolay Azarov: About the Utter Nonsense Written in a post-Maidan Ukrainian History Book

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Nikolay Azarov

After the coup [Maidan in 2014 – ed] so many pseudo-scientists wanting to rewrite history and attribute incredible greatness and history of several millennia to the Great Ukraine appeared.

We already heard that Jesus Christ is Ukrainian and that the whole world eats wheat that is genetically Ukrainian.

But there is more. In the book “Ukrainian Nation” authored by Mykola Galichanets (a very fitting surname, don’t you find?), it is said that:

  • “ancient Ukrainians” occupied all the eastern part of Europe, from the White Sea to Slavyansk Kurort, from the territory of modern Germany to the Urals of 40,000 years ago;

  • ancient Ukes were the ancestors of almost all European and Indian people and also the ancestors of all Slavic tribes;

  • Ukrainians were at war with Persians in 514 BC;

  • the first Ukrainian fleet appeared during this period.

I would like to pay special attention to the fact that in this unfortunate book Ukraine, as it turns out, even resisted the Great Ancient Rome.

This nonsense can be listed infinitely, since there are 367 pages in the book. I will note that no documentary evidence of this nonsense is provided by the author. It is sad that many Ukrainians believe these tales unconditionally. It is sure that despite all the efforts of the Kiev regime, they won’t manage to rewrite the real history of Ukraine.


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