Nikolay Azarov: The Americans Don’t Yet Want a Coup in Ukraine – They Are Currently Satisfied

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The former Prime Minister of Ukraine Nikolay Azarov is sure that there will not be a right-wing coup in the country. And no Arsen Avakov or Misha Saakashvili will overthrow the current regime.

“And who are now in power in Ukraine? Left-wingers? Probably not, because practically all social guarantees were cancelled. The right-wing is in power anyway. A right-wing coup is a myth. Who will allow Avakov to overthrow Poroshenko? His political weight is zero, his functions are simple – the maintenance of the regime of fear and terror. The Americans took the situation very firmly under control, nobody there can make a step left or right. And there won’t be any coup until the Americans make a decision about changing the camarilla in power. And why should it be replaced now? Everything suits them!” stated Azarov on Wednesday in the press center of “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.

“Ukraine was turned into a serious enemy of Russia, an atmosphere of hatred and anger was created in the country. They especially invented ‘Raska’ [pejorative term for Russia – ed]. It is no coincidence that it also appeared like ‘Sovok’ [pejorative term for the Soviet Union – ed] did. The price of gas is unaffordable, who is to blame? Russia. They didn’t manage to introduce this nonsense into all impressionable brains. But there are enough who fell for it…”

Against the background of the plans of the Verkhovna Rada to break diplomatic relations between Kiev with Moscow, reports about which appeared on this day in the media, Azarov suggested in this case to stick to the principle until the end.

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“Guys, you have three-quarters of your coal delivered from Russia. No Pennsylvania will deliver as much! The biggest investments come from Russia. From the 3 billion in total, Russian banks continue to invest 2.6 billion! I don’t know why. You receive from the ‘aggressor’-country everything you need and you still bark at this country!” reminded the former Prime Minster. “So, in this case, forbid Ukrainian citizens from travelling to Russia. What will you do with the 5 million people who earn money there? And how are they going to implement the ‘Normandy format’ without this relationship? If such a decision is really made, this will be a good topic for Merkel and Macron to think about. Maybe Trump will be distracted from his Korean problem”.

(Later in the Rada this information was denied, saying that it is not within the competence of the government).

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