Nikolay Azarov: Anti-Communism as a Means of Duping People

Stalker Zone disclaimer: the term “communism” has unfortunately been hijacked by liberals/globalists for the purpose of instigating “regime change” in Russia – pitting self-proclaimed “communists” against Putin. In reality, the definition of “communism” that Nikolay Azarov talks about below is the one that existed before Khrushchev came to power, before it started to become saturated by ideas from the West. It is a million miles away from the so-called Communist Parties of today, which are inherently liberal and oligarchical.

It is absolutely clear that people who own enormous wealth (and it is clear that all these riches are created by the labour of hundreds of thousands and sometimes millions of people), by nature are opponents of communism as a social system in which they are deprived not only of all their fortune and opportunity to increase it every day, not only of a luxurious lifestyle with hundreds of guards and servants, but, quite probably, of life itself.

But when people of hired labor become essentially anti-communists, who essentially have nothing, and when they retire automatically move to the category of beggars, the huge role of mass media, mass culture, zombie, and other methods of influence on mass psyche becomes clear. Man is a social creature, to be more precise, a herd being. It is psychologically more convenient for him to be the same as everyone else. Do not stand out, and although the herd does not protect him from anyone and from anything, but in the herd there is always a chance that the attacking predators will kill someone else, but not you – “my hut is on the edge”.

The ideologists of communism not only developed a theory of protecting the herd against predators, but also created practical means of protection in the face of the socialist state and its organs. The work of such a state allowed to neutralise predators and create from the herd a normal human society where each person is assessed not by the standards of wealth and fortune, but by their merits: mind, education, talents. Culture, science, and art started to develop not in favour of the tastes and needs of the crowd and primitive basic instincts, but according to the laws of the vast possibilities of creativity of our brain, laid down by nature, the endless desire to know the truth, and the development of the emotional human world.

After the destruction of socialist society, our society became a herd again. Predators have torn and destroyed the thin fabric of morality and spirituality that was woven by the efforts of thousands and thousands of the best minds of society and clothed people, hiding the nakedness and squalor of many members of society, and exposed almost all the wounds cured in previous years: desire for profit, a career based on lies and speculation, hatred, self-love, and selfishness, vile instincts, and a lack of dignity and self-esteem.

The worst features of human character started to be cultivated and built into a cult. While in socialist society violence was an anomaly and was the exclusive prerogative of the state, in a herd society violence became the privilege of a strong predator, and ordinary people found themselves unprotected.

That’s what anti-communism is. It is a means and mechanism used by predators to suppress the will of herd members to defend their natural right to a decent life.

In 30 years, the Constitution, which guarantees the rights and freedoms of citizens, has been turned into a fiction.

In order to deprive the state of social functions, first of all, citizens and the state have been deprived of public means of production. Factories and enterprises have become the private property of individual representatives of society. Naturally, the wealth created by the work of millions of our fellow citizens has come to belong not to them, but to an extremely limited number of persons. The subsoil and mineral deposits were also taken away from the people and became private property. Now the land will be taken from the people and people will finally be turned into submissive slaves, whose purpose is only to create wealth for someone and serve the interests of a narrow circle of people.

In order to legitimise all this, laws and orders are adopted in a continuous stream, coercive mechanisms and a punitive system are improved.

The circle became closed. Communism is outlawed and prohibited.

And in order to finally strangle all the possible sprouts of resistance of individuals who understand the course of the country, armed gangs of “radicals”, “extremists”, and “patriots”, whose main methods of activity of are intimidation, massacres, and murders, have been created. So anti-communism inevitably leads to Nazism and fascism.

P.S. I do not idealise what we called communism, but “everything is known by comparison”. And comparing, first of all, in moral terms what was then and what we have now, the conclusion is unambiguously in favour of the former.

Nikolay Azarov

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