Nikolay Azarov Evaluates Three Years of Poroshenko’s Regime

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Poroshenko began with fantastically sweet promises. He guaranteed to Ukrainians gold mountains, to Donbass — peace, to Russians — freedom to speak and to teach children in their native language…

All these promises in practice turned out exactly the opposite. Poroshenko’s committed so many follies that it won’t be possible to part the waves. The promises that were fulfilled – only the notorious “visa-free regime” with Europe. But even then, Ukrainians do not quite understand why they need it: having saved 35 euros on a visa, they will be able to get to Europe only as tourists. But only after confirmation of financial security. Those with empty pockets are not allowed into the EU.

For the rest, the “Ukrainian paradise” didn’t work out. And it is unlikely that in the remaining year of the presidency of Poroshenko it will work – Ukrainian goods end up in Europe reluctantly (why does the EU need another competitor?), the economy falls to pieces, factories stop, housing and communal services rose in price for 3 years sevenfold (!), war in Donbass continues, Nazism is actually legalized, russophobia became a State ideology, and relations with Russia are destroyed. Disappointed in Maidan’s ideals, people are leaving. Ukraine is already officially recognized as the poorest country of Europe. And the most corrupt!

But did Poroshenko have another way, and was he was going to keep in general his promises? The former Prime Minister of Ukraine (from 2010 to 2014) Nikolay Azarov, who in interview to Komsomolskaya Pravda summed up the results of the presidency of Poroshenko, is in the best position to discuss this.

“He wasn’t at all going to keep his promises”

“I’ve known this figure very well for already 20 years,” Nikolay Azarov told Komsomolskaya Pravda. “Poroshenko wouldn’t do anything from that which he promised. He wasn’t going to do it, and he doesn’t know how to. All his promises, for example, to pay the military 1000 hryvnias per day in the ‘anti-terrorist operation’, are empty. And if we take his main promise, that he is the ‘president of peace’, and that he will be able to stop war in a few hours, where is it?

The truth should be looked at in the face: goods turnover sharply decreased. If in 2012 it was $55 billion, now it is $20 billion. If the export of Ukraine to Russia was 25 billion, now it is 10. Offsetting the loss of the Russian market with the European one didn’t work. He claps his hands together for the ‘visa free regime’. But for these 3 years the people became so impoverished that they can’t go anywhere, already in half a year the euphoria from the ‘visa free regime’ will become disappointment. Like in Moldova.”

“There is nothing to pay debts off with”

“Ukraine for these 3 years became actually bankrupt. The currency reserves of the country at its disposal are only $1 billion! For 11 billion – ‘priceless’, necessary to nobody papers. Nobody will buy them. Monetary gold — 1.1 billion. Soon, for example, the London court will finally make a decision on the return of debt to Russia of 3 billion. What will they return it with? There is nothing. And already in 2018-19 it is necessary to repay 21 billion dollars of debts. With what? If in 2012 for us there was no problem paying 12 billion to Russia for gas and to repay 10 billion of external debts, today it is impossible.”

“This is their thief and crook”

“Before his presidency, this easy rider, thief, and marauder was stealing modestly, but then… Just read what his most close associate Onishchenko says about him, who for 2 years didn’t leave his office: how all were bribed. How one Deputy took 150 million from one businessman and gave it to Poroshenko. This is enough for an investigation. But there isn’t one. Although in Ukraine 5 (!) anti-corruption departments were created. Allegedly independent! And thus Merkel also receives him, and the State Department too. Everybody knows that he is a thief and a crook, but this is their thief and the crook.”

“What ever Americans say, he will do”

“His actions are absolutely dependent on the orders of the bosses — whatever Americans say, he will do it. And the losses are huge. Yes, bosses give support, and even allocated 40 million dollars to ‘Yuzhmash’ for the development of some rocket. But this is support of things that are directed against Russia. And if we take the huge plant ‘Zarya’, which made diesels for ships, it’s completely dormant. ‘Turboat’ practically stopped. The ‘Antonov’ plant stopped producing and didn’t sell any planes in 3 years.

Even according to their statistics, just for the first quarter of this year — the fall of industrial production is 7%. In 1990 Ukraine was the most advanced republic of the USSR, it surpassed many countries of Europe. Now it is the poorest and most plundered country.”

“You’ll either be beaten, killed, or jailed”

“Why do Ukrainians tolerate this? But because the system was created similar to a fascist one — assault units, fighters … You open your mouth — you’ll either be beaten, killed, or jailed. And Merkel, with the Americans, likes this. In the country there is no opposition, there is no free media, dissent is pursued. Nobody asks the question: if the previous power was stealing, then why were pensions 3 times higher, construction was ongoing, factories were working? For this there is a need for opposition, but it doesn’t exist in Ukraine.”

Economic results of Poroshenko’s reign  
Example 2014 2017  
GDP ($bn) 183 93
External debt (Hryvnia bn) 300 1233
Electricity price (cubic meter/kopek) 29 90
Number of citizens below the poverty line (%) 12 60
Hot water price (cubic meter/Hryvnia) 25.1 83.1
Gas price (cubic meter/Hryvnia) 1.1 6.8
Average utility bill (72 m² 3-room flat in Kiev/Hryvnia) 1000 3500
Average Pension (€) 86 36
Valocordin price (Hryvnia/20ml)] 12 46 
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The war can’t and won’t last 2-3 months! It has to and will last hours!” (War in Donbass still rages to this day).

“Now I would like to give another example. When the President publicly sells his business assets in order to concentrate all his attention on serving the State” (His assets – Poroshenko still didn’t sell, having transferred them under “external control”, becoming officially the richest President in Europe).

“I allocate three months to normalise relations with Russia!” (Relations with Russia are collapsing more and more strongly with each passing month).

“With what I, as President, will come to you (in Donbass) with in the nearest future? With peace. The project of the decentralization of power. With a guarantee of the free use in your region of the Russian language…” (Donbass didn’t receive neither decentralization nor peace. On the territories of Donbass seized by Kiev, ALL Russian schools are closed).

“An honest, fair investigation into the events in Odessa on May 2nd will be the subject of my most captious attention…” (An investigation has still not been conducted).

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