Nikolay Azarov: I Opened a Ukrainian History Textbook, and I Couldn’t Believe My Eyes…

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The former head of the government of Ukraine Nikolay Azarov shared his impressions of a textbook on the history of Ukraine that is recommended by the Ministry of Education of the country. He published the corresponding post on his page on the Facebook social network.

“How the Kiev regime distorts history

I opened a history textbook for schools in Ukraine, and I couldn’t believed my eyes. The main theses in it: ‘The Ukrainian revolution of 1917-1921’, ‘The establishment and validation of the totalitarian Soviet system’, ‘The war of Soviet Russia against the Ukrainian People’s republic’ and, lastly, ‘The Soviet occupation of Ukraine’. The last one especially raises eyebrows.

All Ukrainian power plants – including nuclear, thermal, and hydro – are constructed by the Soviet ‘occupational’ regime. In nearly 27 years of independence we haven’t provided ourselves with even 1% of the needed electricity.

Ponder upon this figure – how can you let yourself be so deceived? All the metallurgy, mechanical engineering, and mining industries were constructed during the Soviet period, and  we, in 27 years, just ate the rich heritage that we obtained.

There is a need to be the biggest idiot in order to trust this nonsense.

But it is impossible to build anything on a lie, and this is an axiom.

When it was in the Soviet Union, Ukraine was the most advanced republic, and this is a fact. The Kiev regime, not capable of creating anything itself, consciously lies to the people just to remain in power.”

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