Nikolay Azarov: Joe Biden Admitted to Committing Crimes on Maidan in His Memoirs

Translated by Ollie Richardson


Nikolay Azarov

The most interesting recognition of Biden. “After only 4 years, the entire secret became known”.

The former Vice President of the United States Biden published his memoirs, and in them he admitted how he threatened the President Yanukovych and forced him out of Kiev.

I quote: “I called the then President of Ukraine Yanukovych and ordered (pay attention to the tone) him to leave his post. I made the last of many urgent calls to Yanukovych (and he called him during Maidan many times, and I spoke about this in interviews many times) in late February of 2014, when his snipers were assassinating Ukrainian citizens (here Biden frankly lies, he precisely knew that it is an American special operation. And there are many testimonies evidencing this now).

I had been warning him for months to exercise restraint in dealing with his citizens, but on this night, three months into the demonstrations, I was telling him it was over; time for him to call off his gunmen and walk away. control of the government ended up temporarily in the hands of a young patriot named Arseniy Yatsenyuk (the video of Kolomoisky’s conversation with Yatsenyuk’s “wallet” Ivanchuk published today on my page below testifies to what this “patriot Yatsenyuk” really was)“.

Listen to this terrible conversation. It is a conversation between two bandits. But it is necessary to listen to it, in order to finally remove the “pots” from the head and to begin to see it clearly. From them it is clear that the gang carried out a coup d’état and why they did it.

Here is a recording of a conversation between Kolomoisky (appointed after the coup d’etat to the high post of the governor of the Dnepropetrovsk region. By the way, this person in the last 10 years has been constantly living in Switzerland) and a certain Ivanchuk – the Chairman of the Committee of the Verkhovna Rada on economic policy (?, he managed to go to “Batkivshchyna”, and now he is the deputy head of the faaction of Yatsenyuk in the Verkhovna Rada).

It is finally clear that it’s not the grandfathers and grandmothers who brought their hryvnias on Maidan, but Kolomoisky and other oligarchs. Also, Maidan was done not for the sake of Eurointregration, but to have the opportunity to plunder the country. At the same time they loudly shouted that the “former regime plundered Ukraine” but lied about it only with one purpose – to cynically and impudently plunder our country.

And finally, the most important thing. This conversation clearly shows who runs Ukraine now.

Respected compatriots, is it not a shame for you that you suffer and you trust these authorities, that you trust the nonsense that is spread by Kolomoisky’s channel 1+1. Can you respect yourself knowing the authorities that govern you?

It is interesting what democrats in the EU and the US that support this regime think about this.

No country inflicted either sanctions or restrictions on Kolomoisky.

What for such strange democratic values? In a word, this small dialogue answers very big questions!

Biden provides many interesting facts in his memoirs that characterise the marionette regime in Kiev.

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For me, these memoirs of Biden are only interesting for one thing: evidence of the impudence and inconsiderate interference in our internal affairs and the recognition of the participation of Americans in the realisation of a coup. And they, certainly, will be important proof against the participants of the coup in future court proceedings.

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