Nikolay Azarov on the Anti-Corruption Court “Tragicomedy” in Ukraine

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Nikolay Azarov

So, the tragicomedy with the creation of the Supreme anti-corruption court has come to an end. According to the categorical requirement of the IMF (read: the US State Department) the so-called Verkhovna Rada made a decision on its creation, which obviously flagrantly violates the Constitution of the country along with the Supreme Court and the parallel Supreme anti-corruption court.

It is one more additional structure to (count on your fingers):

  1. The National Council on anti-corruption policy;

  2. The Agency for searching assets obtained through corruption;

  3. The National Agency for the prevention of corruption;

  4. The National Anti-Corruption Bureau;

  5. The specialised anti-corruption prosecutor’s office.

These are already 6 departments, and there is still to add: the department for combatting corruption in the Prosecutor General’s Office, the departments for combatting corruption in the Prosecutor General’s Office, the departments for combatting corruption in the SBU and the Ministry of Internal Affairs – it is possible to go on and on. Are you confused? All of this was created after the coup d’etat! And as a result Ukraine became the most corrupt country in the world where the Prosecutor General is appointed for a bribe and where deputies the Verkhovna Rada are paid for votes.

There is one more question for those who tirelessly shout about independence, sovereignty, “Glory of Ukraine”: where else have you seen such a “banana republic” where all decisions are made on command from over the ocean?

After the coup d’etat Ukraine became a colony completely voluntarily, and this is now already an obvious fact. The root of all our problems stems from here – the fact that the real interests of our people are minor for the Kiev authorities. And for the Americans to govern the natives it is necessary to have their punitive bodies in the form of this court.

They did roughly the same thing was done in Romania. Who can say that the situation in this country has improved? In addition to the constant reshuffling of power – which causes only changes for the worse, Romania became a 100% puppet of the US.

The same unenviable destiny awaits Ukraine if Ukrainians don’t put their destiny in their own hands and banish the thieving puppets in Kiev.

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