Nikolay Azarov on Why the Western Media Is Silent About the Death of NATO Troops in Donbass

Translated by Ollie Richardson


The former Prime Minister of Ukraine Nikolay Azarov explained why the western media disregarded the news about the death of NATO soldiers in Donbass. He wrote about this on her Facebook page.

Azarov noted that more than a week ago in Donbass a car with military personnel of NATO inside hit a mine. As a result three soldiers died, and five more were wounded. The Ukrainian media reported about this tragedy but western journalists disregarded this news.

“It’s as if military personnel of NATO perish every day, and this is an absolutely ordinary event,” noted the former Prime Minister. “It’s just that in this case the concealment of this tragedy is evidence of the total censorship in the western media”.

At the same time he added that the western media reports daily about the so-called “Russian aggression” in Ukraine. Azarov named the reason for the concealment in the west of the incident with NATO troops.

“They perfectly understand that, having given fellow citizens this information, they will immediately run into a lawful question: ‘What are military personnel of NATO doing in Donbass?'” he explained on Facebook. “And then there is a need to speak about how the governments of NATO countries kindle this conflict: by delivering lethal weapons to the Kiev regime they encourage the fratricidal conflict”.

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