Nikolay Azarov: The Contribution of Ukrainian Gastarbeiters in Terms of GDP

Translated by Ollie Richardson


Very few people think about the obvious fact that the export of labor from Ukraine became an important factor in keeping many Ukrainian families afloat after the coup d’etat.

And the money arriving from abroad is already comparable to other articles of export. In this category Ukraine has surely fallen to the level of such countries as Albania, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Egypt, Morocco, Togo, and Mali. So there is no need [for Ukrainians – ed] to put the flag of the European Union everywhere – compare yourself with the undeveloped countries of Asia and Africa (not all of them, many have a significantly higher level of development than Ukraine).

If you try to estimate Ukrainian gastarbeiter’s contribution to GDP, then an estimate of 20% won’t seem like an exaggeration. But if in Ukraine the economy earns money and develops, then its growth will be seriously limited by the departure of gastarbeiters abroad.

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