Nikolay Azarov: Ukraine Continues to Create a New Pantheon of Hitler’s Collaborators

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Nikolay Azarov

The Kiev regime continues to elevate Nazi criminals and Hitler’s collaborators – members of the SS “Galicia” division – to the level of national heroes. In honor of these punishers, who killed Soviet partisans and civilians during the Great Patriotic War, exhibitions are organised and museums are opened in Western Ukraine.

One of my commentators sent to my page quite interesting material – photos from an exhibition devoted to the formation, training, and “glorious fighting way” of the SS “Galicia” division.

It is said that “there is no fascism in Ukraine”. But it is those who were a part of the troops of Nazi Germany and performed the most dirty and terrible work instead of the German “masters” who are elevated to the rank of heroes.

And there is something else that is frightening – the younger generation, which is the most pliable, is injected with the ideology of Nazism, absorbing this information garbage without internal resistance and the possibility to critically comprehend what they heard and seen.

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