Nikolay Azarov: Ukrainians Who Believe That Russian Troops Are in Donbass Have Been Zombified

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The former Prime Minister Nikolay Azarov said that in Donbass there is no Russian army, and in Russia there are no thoughts of aggression. Ukrainians who believe on the contrary have been zombified. He stated this in an interview with the Ukrainian TV channel “112 Ukraine”.

“All the chatter about there being Russian regular units there … It is just chatter. There are no Russian regular units there. If there were Russian regular units, then think – would they allow Donbass to be shelled? They would allow themselves to be shelled? What don’t these [UAF] units that stand on the border shell Crimea? They are afraid of a response. I have lived in Russia for five years, I know Russian politics. There are no thoughts of any aggression or of any occupation there. One needs to be crazy to think this. Why do a considerable part of Ukrainians believe this? Because propaganda zombifies them every day,” said Azarov.

He noted that the absence of Russian troops in Donbass is confirmed by data from western sources.

“What did they see? What is a regular military unit? It means the obligatory corresponding infrastructure, a system of supply, management, medical treatment, etc. There is no such Russian infrastructure in Donbass and this is noted by the OSCE, by French and American intelligence, the data of objective observation. In reality there are two corps there [DPR & LPR] which are rather well prepared now and who it is necessary to reach an agreement with first of all about the non-use of force,” stressed the former Prime Minister.

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