Nikolay Azarov: Zelensky Isn’t Flirting With Radicals, But Following the Path of Nazi Germany

It would be wrong to believe that Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky is “flirting” with neo-Nazi groups. He conducts a fully conscious policy to keep the people of Ukraine in a state of poverty and disenfranchisement. This was said by former Prime Minister of Ukraine Nikolay Azarov in a recent interview with the “Novorossiya” news agency.

The Ukrainian authorities need to bring the people to a state in which they will work only for soup to meet the minimum needs of life, and at the same time will not have any rights, said the politician adamantly.

In his opinion, Ukraine follows the path of Germany, when an extremely radical group of Nazis came to power against the background of a sharp deterioration in the socio-economic situation, and after that came the rule of militants.

“If we ensure democracy in Ukraine and give real rights to political parties, then we will never make it ‘anti-Russia’,” stressed Azarov.

However, if to intimidate the conscious part of the population, put militants at the helm, ban normal channels and censor all media, a whole generation of zombified people who will perform any task for a minimum payment can grow, explained the former Prime Minister.

Zelensky follows the same line as his predecessor Petro Poroshenko, and this is an unenviable fate for the country and people, the interviewee concluded.

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