No More Than 700 People Gathered for Navalny’s “Maidan” in Moscow

Translated by Ollie Richardson


No more than 700 people, including employees “in plain clothes”, onlookers, and journalists gathered for an unauthorized action of supporters of Alexei Navalny at Pushkin Square in the Russian capital. This was reported by the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs
 of Russia for Moscow.

The scandalous politician and the head of his campaign headquarters Leonid Volkov were placed under administrative detention.

“At the venue of the unauthorised public action at Pushkin Square in the city of Moscow and in the adjacent territories there are about 700 people, including representatives of the media. The Police and National Guard of Russia ensure the protection of public order and safety,” it is said in the statement.

It is necessary to note that no less than a half of the audience are minors. No incidents or detentions during the action took place.

As of 17:00 the main crowd already dispersed, several dozens of school students at Pushkin’s monument continue to jump and cry out political chants “we the power here”.

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