“No Barbarism in Islam”

Translated by Captain Ahab


Written by Mustafa Lutfi al-Manfaluti

This article was written in response to what had taken place in Turkey in the year 1909 in the city of Adana, where muslims attacked their fellow christians, due to some fatwas that were issued by Turkish Muftis.


“Oh Muslims: If you think that Allah has created the Christians for you to slaughter them with your swords, or throw them with your spears, or burn them at the stakes, then you have transgressed against your God, and have denied his wisdom in creation, you have placed your Lord in the station of a child who builds only to demolish, who sows only to burn!

Allah has bestowed his kindness and gentleness on Man since his conception in his mother’s womb, extending his mercy and bounty, sending to him in that dark cage air so that he may breath, and food so that he may grow, protecting him from the multi faceted dangers of life.

A Lord who extends to his servants so much bounty and mercy, would never order his slave to take his own life or condone the massacre of innocents.

Which of God’s holy books or in which sunnah of any of his prophets have you read that a man can take the life of a fellow human being without cause other than that he does not follow his religion, or does not agree with his madhhab (religious school).

Were it to be lawful for Man to commit such horrendous crimes the earth would harbor life no more.

That people differ in their madhhabs, religions, cultures, and traditions is only natural, nay it is a law of nature, like gravity. This will never change, even if one man were to inhabit the earth he would conjure up a character from the depths of his imagination only to disagree with him and perhaps attempt to kill him. “ And had thy Sustainer so willed, He could surely have made all mankind one single community: but [He willed it otherwise, and so] they continue to hold divergent views” Al-Quran [11:118], Muhammad Asad’s “The Meaning of The Quran”

Life on this planet is like heat, heat is produced through friction between two bodies, any attempt at assimilating or annihilating madhhabs or religions in an attempt to unite them is a fictional effort that will only disrupt the harmony of the world.

Translator’s Note from Al-Quran, Asad’s translation “O men! Behold, We have created you all out of a male and a female, and have made you into nations and tribes, so that you might come to know one another. Verily, the noblest of you in the sight of God is the one who is most deeply conscious of Him. Behold, God is all-knowing, all-aware.” [49:13]

Oh Muslims: The wars that were fought during the early stages of Islam’s spread were not conducted out of vengeance or for the purpose of annihilating Christians from the face of the planet, rather they were defensive wars aimed at protecting muslim lands and also to allow the spread of Islam (Religious freedom). Proof of this statement is that every army regiment that used to find a Church or a Monastery on their way to battle or otherwise, were given strict orders not to disturb the monks in their monasteries, or the priests in their churches, more than that they were ordered to battle only those who resisted them, and they should not kill anyone unless an attempt on their lives was made, had the objectives been anything else then they would have purged the land from christians, starting with their religious leaders, had the objective of the war was about revenge and annihilation. If you set out to kill all peoples that ascribe to different madhhabs or religions and were successful, then be certain that you would turn against each other and start different madhhabs and the cycle of killing would resume until no religion, madhhabs remain on the face of the planet.

Oh Muslims: Islam came precisely to root out this savagery and barbarity that you claim to be Islamic. Islam came to remove the seeds of hate, anger, and bigotry and replace it with Wisdom and Mercy so that people may live in happiness and calmness, the blood that was shed at the beginning of the Islam’s mission were like a doctor donating blood to his patient.

I would have excused had the people you killed were being aggressors or unjust to you in some way, or had they been planning to stab you in the back in some duplicitous way, rather in this case we see that they are the weaker side and it makes no sense what so ever for them to attempt anything of a malevolent nature.

I would have found some excuse had you not killed the children, whom God doesn’t even ask them about religion, children that have not reached puberty yet, and the helpless women who cannot fight back, and the elders who you have mercilessly killed and have cut short their time on this planet.

Now that you have lumped the innocent with those who are supposedly guilty, you are criminals and no longer are you Mujahideen, butchers and not warriors, from which rock or hilltop has your heart been fashioned from, hearts that don’t sympathize with wailing mothers nor orphans.

From what stones have your eyes been fashioned, how can you stand by as you watch a child being burnt, and his mother screaming but helpless as she herself have lost her arms and legs by fire.

I cannot congratulate you for this victory; because it is my conviction that killing the helpless is an action that only comes from cowards, weaklings, mean and vile people, and that shedding blood without cause is savagery; that it is best to offer our condolences rather than gratitude to those who committed these murders.

Oh Muslims: Kill the Christians as much as you like, and as much as your savagery allows, but beware, do not drag God’s name to excuse your wanton murder. God is greater than that, he does not order the killing of the innocent nor does he condone that you bully weaker peoples, he is Most Wise, Most Merciful.”

Although it makes me nauseous, this is a good article from Al-Jazeera.

Condemnation of the Adana Massacre (1909) by Shaykh al-Azhar Salim al-Bishri (d. 1916)


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