If There Was No Maidan, Putin’s Russia Would Never Have Transformed Into a Superpower

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard



After the parliamentary elections in Russia, which led to the victory of “United Russia”, which supports Putin, and after the repeated failure of the most prominent European opponent, German Chancellor Angela Merkel (now in the regional elections in Berlin), in the beginning I didn’t even want to write anything.

Support for Putin’s politics in Russia is such what didn’t exist five years ago: it is comprehensive. Conversely, support for the opponents of the policies of Angela Merkel, leader of Germany and the EU, is so strong that, probably, and it can’t be greater.

Everyone knows that for balance in the world, for the world without wars, which were being fought in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and Syria, and without the support of the jihadists, whatever the US and EU call them, it was necessary to create a stronghold of reason, and this reason is objectively Russia and its allies.

I don’t want to cause a backlash among disappointed supporters of the outgoing world of the Euro-Atlantic values and I would prefer to remain silent, if the stupid comments from the pen of Mikhail Romantsov, Libor Dvořák, Efim Fistein and others hadn’t started to appear…

They are too much compared to “Rude Pravo” at the time of Gusak.

I will not dissect all of them, I will limit myself to analysing the so-called political scientist Mikhail Romantsov, who for many years received tens of thousands for his inventions, but if someone compared them (all of what he said) with today’s reality, it would be unclear for what he receives money. Everything turned out differently.

Putin was to be overthrown a long time ago, people had to rise up against him, sanctions were supposed to bite him, and the economic crisis – destroy him. The Czech Republic does not interest him at all because she doesn’t have any value.

None of this happened and everything was exactly the opposite, but the TV channel ČT continues again and again to invite this fool…

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And a year later it will turn out that he was wrong. The reason is simple: he is not a neutral observer. He puts into his arguments a huge hatred of Putin, which grows to the extent that Putin is achieving success.

The reality is like that.

Two years after Maidan, with the aid of American and European “world” politicians who wanted to humiliate and weaken Russia, the West is disintegrating. Merkel will suffer the fate of Cameron, and Hollande is already dead from a policy perspective.

In the European Union all will gradually start to gnaw each other’s throat because everyone have their own vital interests.

The struggle between a strong Mediterranean countries will start, and these are 3 European regional powers: Italy, France, and Spain, and also Greece, where everything is under the control of smiling Tsipras, today the only person who is will disturb many. There are also Cyprus and Portugal. Of course, this group is much more significant from the point of view of the economy and politics, than Visegrad Group, which, in addition to quotas, has no important topics on its agenda.

In addition, the Austrian Chancellor Kern protested against the refusal of the Visegrad countries to adopt quotas, and Theresa May wiped the nose of the boastful Fico, who decided to block the agreement with Britain if she does not guarantee the protection of Slovakia. May was right. Slovakia that has no value should be happy that it will sign an agreement with UK, otherwise it would collapse economically…

And on top of all this, Germany is beginning to fight for Merkel’s resignation and for her to leave. Whatever she does today, she has already lost… If Merkel refuses the migration policy and changes it, it would be a political defeat, and she does not do it, it will just be stupidity.

Merkel will have to leave anyway…

The EU has already become a quarrelling circus, and all will be only waiting for who escorts Merkel, be it Marine Le Pen who replace Hollande, or Hofer who will become President of Austria, and if Austrian Christian Democrats will unite with the Freedom Party, or Wilders in the Netherlands will win and so on.

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And at this time, Russia, calm and strong, rallied due to Western sanctions, because of the discriminatory disqualification from the Olympic games in Rio and strengthens its position in the Middle East, the place where there is a major geopolitical confrontation over the right to have the last say in the world.

Obama, Merkel, Cameron, Hollande wanted to break Putin with Maidan. As if they have no secondary education. Did Napoleon or Hitler defeat Russia?

What did they expect, tell me please?

Merkel, Obama, Hollande, and Cameron behaved like complete idiots. It’s impossible to call them any other way.

How could Putin be allowed Crimea to become the largest military NATO base with US troops? Is it possible for him to leave the Russian population in the lurch?

The late social democratic Chancellor Helmut Schmidt, the most noble and the most popular of all the chancellors of the FRG, said that Crimea is an integral part of Russia, and the same is said by Gerhard Schröder and Merkel’s party predecessor Helmut Kohl. All of the French Republican right, under the leadership of Sarkozy, affirms that Crimea is an integral part of Russia, not to mention the opposition leader Marine Le Pen. All the opposition political parties in Italy claim that Crimea is an integral part of Russia and Italian Prime Minister Renzi considers his friendship with Putin an honor. Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu doesn’t leave Moscow, although Obama provides him with unimaginable billions of dollars…

Five years ago, when the West was still acting normally and did not provoked militancy against Russia, Moscow and St. Petersburg was flooded with tens of thousands of demonstrators protesting against the election results when “United Russia” won.

Now all is quiet.

Those like Fishteyn, Romantsov, and others invented an incredible version of events, starting with the weather and ending with the fact that everything was staged…

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But the reason is clear as day.

Russia is encircled. NATO wants at any moment to attack her or at least prefers to balance on a knife blade. The Olympics was the last of the treacherous political steps to ensure that an unfair punishment to Russia in something that is so dear for Russia – sport. WADA is composed of virtually only representatives of the West. Nothing happened to American athletes who were “overate” doping, and Russia had no chance to defend itself. She was sentenced to a disqualification for political reasons.

Everything is normal. Everything that is done, everything is for the better.

Today, Russia is so cohesive and united, as she was never before. Anyone who in the last election stood on the side of the West, inevitably objectively were perceived as a traitor to the Motherland.

In Moscow and Saint-Petersburg, in the eyes of Moscow and St Petersburg’s audience, Medvedev and Putin do not need to score more points. But any Russian, except for a few anomalies like Professor Zubov, knows that Russia is a world power and must not beg to the West.

If two years ago, the West did not want with the help of Maidan to humiliate and weaken Russia, it would be, in its sense, an even important, but still super-regional power. And, of course, in Moscow and St. Petersburg, small and maybe even thousands of protests, with people gathering in Moscow and St. Petersburg, and our Sobotka, Dinstbir, Schwarzenberg, as well as Obama, Merkel and the Clintons would have fits of ecstasy, maybe even sexual ones…

But dear bad guys, it’s impossible to want everything at the same time.

If you’re stupid, there’s nothing you can do about it.

Today Russia is #1 superpower in the world, recognized, loved, hated, and respected.

And all this, on the one hand, thanks to your idiotic Maidan with which you wanted to weaken Russia, and on the other, the perfect chess reaction of Vladimir Putin.

Everything is going well.

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