Nobody in the World Can Impose Conditions on Putin

What’s going on? Where is all the shouting about Russia’s isolation and the broken economy?

Where are the demands of the world community, like “stop bombing Syria”, “return Crimea to Ukraine”, “release Nadezhda Savchenko and the director Sentsov“, and “stop harassing the citizens of England”?

Our liberals are also surprised. Yesterday, one of them on TV said that he never said we would get bogged down in Syria for decades and lose our economy there.

There’s already talk about who gets the contracts to rebuild the country? You have three guesses.

Russian military police are present throughout Syria. What horror! A nightmare for the American military. Russians freely entered the military bases of the United States in that country. True, they managed to bomb their own base with the airfield, but this is a small bonus from us that we allowed them to do this.

The Syrian people saw off the Americans with rotten tomatoes and welcomed the Russian military. And Bashar al-Assad not only remained president, but for some reason it seems to me that in the new elections in Syria the people will choose him again. Whatever mistakes he has made in the past, it is necessary to pay tribute to the courage and mind of this man. As he was not encouraged to leave the country at the beginning of the war, not only did he not leave himself, but his family remained with him. Of course, there is still a lot of work to do to restore peace in the country, but the outcome is already clear.

Where’s the “Kinder Surprise” of Guaido? Has his presidency been recognised by all world leaders? And where is he now?

How it all works out beautifully. While all the “civilized” countries led by the United States, without blinking, were watching and waiting for Russia to enter the war in Ukraine, it, unnoticed by anyone, suddenly ended up in Syria. While everyone was yelling about Russia’s presence in Syria, yesterday it turned out that it was already in Africa. And even conducts joint exercises with the military of the countries of this region.

All “civilised countries” seem to have swallowed their tongue. They can’t keep up with us. Soon Russia will be everywhere.

And only the “main world leader” Zelensky continues to inflate his cheeks and impose all new conditions on Russia. Boy! No one in the world can impose conditions on Putin, much less a Ukrainian president, no matter how tough he is presented to be.

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