A Nod to Hitler: “14” – the Date of New Holiday Established by the Rada

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard





The Verkhovna Rada has established a new holiday in honor of fighters of nationalist battalions — “day of the volunteer”.

The corresponding draft of the resolution was supported today by 235 People’s Deputies.

It is supposed that “the day of the Ukrainian volunteer” will be celebrated on March 14th.

The resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers recommends to develop a plan of measures “for honoring the feat of Ukrainian volunteers”:

“Holding in educational institutions, military units, and cultural institutions of thematic actions and conversations about mass actions of the civil protest in Ukraine that took place in November, 2013 — February, 2014, and about participation in them of voluntary formations; providing by the State committee television and  radio broadcasting of Ukraine of extended coverage of events for honoring the feat of participants of voluntary formations, the organizations of series of thematic TV and radio broadcasts,” it is said in the document.

As a reminder, in 2014 Petro Poroshenko already introduced, instead of the forbidden February 23rd celebration, a new holiday for the Ukrainian army — the “Day of the defender of Ukraine”, coinciding with the day of creation of UPA celebrated by Banderists — October 14th. On this day, neo-Nazis in different cities of the country traditionally hold torchlight processions.

“The magic of figures” is remarkable — “the day of the volunteer” will also be celebrated on the 14th.

There is a version that the addiction to the number “14” has its deep roots in the neo-Nazi sympathies of Ukrainian “patriots”, from which volunteer battalions were created. There is a well-known chant of young neo-Nazis 14/88 in which the birthday of their idol — Adolf Hitler, is codified.

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However, the calendar prevents the determination as a festive date the number “88”. There are only 30 days in a month.

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