On Non-Visa Regime Between Ukraine and EU Countries

Translated by Helga Green



Mikhail Delyagin – Russian economist, publicist and politician

Great need in culturally close to Europeans labor force was one of the reasons that urged the EU to perpetrate a Nazi coup in Ukraine. It was obvious for the thoughtful part of European elite that the migrants from Moslem countries are not only a culturally different mass of people, which is able to eliminate the remnants of European identity – it is the force that is coming to Europe in order to enslave it, no matter what German industrial magnates say in support of Merkel’s policy.

They wanted to repeat the Eastern European scenario in Ukraine, when a great mass of people works for pennies, including those working illegally, supporting the Europeans’ high level of consuming and lowering losses for European business. Moreover, it was the representatives of Eastern Europe, and most of all, Poland, who wanted to pull it off with Ukraine.

While visas exist, there also exists the highest level of screening for those, who want to cross the European border. Thus, a worker from Ukraine, having committed administrative offence, is automatically denied entry to the Schengen area for a 5-year term. There are many such people, who want to work in Europe, but for formal reasons denied entry, and their number is growing rapidly. According to different estimates, it has reached a quarter of all labor force in Ukraine.
Accordingly, introduction of the non-visa regime may solve this problem and provide Poland and other East European countries with a mass of very cheap labor force from Ukraine, the people, who had once committed administrative wrongdoings, but are subservient, submissive and obedient enough – on the one hand.

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On the other hand, it is quite possible that this non-visa regime will be similar to that signed with Moldova, when a person, entering Europe, carries out all the necessary procedures for it, including filling out a set of documents and their handing in to a consulate, but does not receive a visa itself. This allows to keep the barrier at the border in regard to unwanted people, but at the same time to facilitate entry for the welcomed one. Hence, such non-visa regime has exclusively ritual character.

The experience of Moldova proves that there won’t be rapid increase of immigrant influx to Europe. Those, who wanted to work there, have been already working there for some time, whereas for the rest the difficulties with the collection of documents will not allow to enter. Real number of immigrants can be increased only on behalf of those, who were denied a Schengen visa, but the columns of such people will not equal the columns of Moslems marching into Austria and Germany.

European values in their modernized form had already been installed in Ukraine –that is why there are no jobs there whatsoever, at least, with decent pay. And Poland still has farms, and it still has small business, that is why Poles need farm hands, ready to tool for a song.

As a result of Ukrainian events Poland has perceived itself a real European state, as Poles now are working in developed European countries, and instead of them Ukrainians do the dirty work in Poland. Obviously, in Poland, where at least some social guarantees exist, where some all-European norms have been adopted, in spite of sorry state of the national economy, there are many opportunities for the exploitation of slave and half-slave labor. Thus, the labor of Ukrainian citizens will be able to render significant support to Polish economy.

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A family of my acquaintances employs a Ukrainian nanny, who had once looked at her Polish employer cross-eyed. She was punished for it with 5-year ban to enter the Schengen area. Weeping and cursing, she had to go to the country of “evil Muscovites”. In two weeks time the family found the nanny suspiciously amiable and loyal. Finally, they gave up and dared to make inquiries. “You see, you are so very kind to me. There isn’t even a lock on your fridge”, the nanny confessed.

Ukraine has totally destroyed its economy under the pretext of striving after European values. And it is true that it has become Europe. At least, such is Europe for internal use only.


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