Norwegian Media: Ukraine on the Way to Obvious Fascism?

Translated by Ollie Richardson

16/05/2017 (Original is from

Thousands of Ukrainians, despite the danger of being attacked by right-wing extremists, took part in demonstrations to celebrate the May 9th Day of Victory Day, i.e. the victory over Hitler’s Germany in the Great Patriotic War.

In some places in the East of Ukraine the local authorities tried to defend war veterans and others who celebrated Victory Day from the right-wing extremists.

This obviously caused the present Ukrainian rulers to be discontent. The Minister of Internal Affairs of the Kiev regime Arsen Avakov wrote on May 10th on his page on Facebook that he dismissed the leadership of the police of the Dnepropetrovsk region and the city of Dnepropetrovsk because of the behavior of police during demonstrations.

Others went further in their attacks on war veterans and ordinary citizens who, according to their statements, are traitors and the fifth column.

The head of “Right Sector” and Rada Deputy Dmitry Yarosh criticized the authorities that they, instead of cleansing the ranks of the police, didn’t use more drastic measures for the suppression of treacherous “kolorad”.

The loyal-to-Kiev mayor of Dnepropetrovsk Boris Filatov supports the creating the a corps of volunteer-like groups that operated in Germany in the 1920’s for the suppression of actions like the celebration of Victory Day.

The Rada Deputy Andrey Denisenko suggested to do to war veterans and others who are allegedly traitors the same as was done to the pro-Russian fifth column in Odessa on May 2nd, 2014, and in Mariupol on May 9, 2014, i.e. to kill dozens of such people.

The Minister of Internal Affairs of the country dismissed the leadership of the police because the police tried to defend war veterans and ordinary citizens from the hooligan right-wing extremists.

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The war veterans and other citizens wishing to commemorate the defeat of Hitler’s Germany were called by Deputies of parliament insects, traitors, and the fifth column. Appeals to kill them were even sounded.

This happens in a country where journalists and politicians who criticize the regime are murdered, where the communist party is forbidden, and where laws are adopted prescribing criminal penalty for criticising fascists and right-wing nationalists from the 1930’s and 1940’s, i.e. people and groups who during World War II killed hundreds of thousands of Jews and Poles.

What in this is not fascism?

Why is NRK and other “mainstream” media silent about what confirms the existence of a fascist regime in a European country with a population of 40 million people?

And why doesn’t our authorities and organizations supporting human rights protest against this?

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