Norwegian Alternative Media: Ukrainian Politics Is a Never-Ending Tragicomedy

Ukraine’s sponsors in the US and EU pretend to have nothing to do with the catastrophe

“The fact that Ukraine has chosen a comedian for president is not surprising, since the local politics are an ongoing tragicomedy. More confirmation of this is a recent interview of The New York Times with the oligarch Igor Kolomoisky, patron of Ukrainian president Vladimir Zelensky,” reports one of the most popular Norwegian websites dedicated to political analytics, published in seven languages.

The publication says that the controversial Ukrainian oligarch Kolomoisky has two passports – Ukrainian and Israeli, is one of the three richest people in Ukraine, and controls almost all sectors of the Ukrainian economy. At the same time, Kolomoisky is simultaneously the founder of the European Jewish Parliament and the main sponsor of the “Azov” Nazi battalion.

Concerning Russia, this Ukrainian oligarch told The New York Times: “They are stronger anyway. We have to improve our relationship. People want peace and normal life, they don ‘t want to fight. And you, America, not only make us fight, but you don’t even give us money for it.”

“Kolomoisky is right, you can’t argue with him. The war in Ukraine was ignited by the United States under Nobel Peace Prize winner Barack Obama, supporting the 2014 coup d ‘état on Maidan that was carried out by the Nazis. The US then promised Ukraine with NATO membership and EU membership. None of the promises have been fulfilled and will never be fulfilled – even if NATO considers Ukraine as a kind of prisoner, allowing its Nazi troops to its exercises,” writes the author of the article Pål Steigan, a famous Norwegian journalist.

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Kolomoisky also openly says that Ukraine will never be allowed anywhere and only Russia needs it. Although Steigan doubts the latest statement, he believes that Russia does not need today’s Ukraine – bankrupt, infected by Nazis, and mired in chaos.

The author concludes that Trump is not to blame for the Ukrainian catastrophe, although the US Democrats now want to blame him for this. Decades of American politics are responsible.

“Having spent almost $5 billion on a ‘prosperous and democratic Ukraine’, as State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland put it, the United States provoked a chain of almost catastrophic events. The US backed the 2014 Nazi Euromaidan, weakening an already frail state and stirring up a revolt in the Russian-speaking east. The United States chased away the impure pro-Russia President Viktor Yanukovych and installed the pro-America Petro Poroshenko, who was practically worse. Now the US has brought Zelensky to power. He’s kind of a good guy, but he threatens to be the worst, because it looks like he’s the proxy of an oligarch so odious that he’ll shut everyone else up,” said the independent American journalist Daniel Lazare, quoted by the publication.

However, the author believes that “Lazare got worked up concerning Zelensky”, but what he is right about is that Kiev took away from Paris the title of “surrealism HQ”. Lazar recalls how in 2014 The New York Times did not stop publishing laudatory articles about Kolomoisky as a fighter against anti-Semitism, and at the same time the liberal Israeli newspaper Haaretz called him a gangster, “which he is”.

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By the way, as Pål Steigan recalls, Vladimir Putin warned about Kolomoisky, calling him a “scoundrel and rogue”, who managed to deceive even Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich.

“But who reads ‘Haaretz’? Who listens to Putin? Meanwhile, the Ukrainian tragicomedy continues to tear the country apart, and sponsors in the United States and the EU pretend that they have nothing to do with the catastrophe,” writes the publication.

It turns out that Norway also helped Ukraine by sending its taxpayers’ money in order to “establish democracy” in that country. Pål Steigan explains that Kiev has received hundreds of millions of krone, but Norway has not had the slightest opportunity to trace what the money is being spent.

Financial assistance went to “Ukrainian bandits” under Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg.

“Is it not time to try Solberg for embezzling and squandering people’s funds?” asks Pål Steigan.


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