Not Allowed to Celebrate Holiday of UPA: Student Stabs Teacher in Galicia

Translated by Ollie Richardson


A pupil of the Dolinsk boarding school came to a class in the house of his tutor and stabbed her ten times with a knife.

Education reform, as well as reform of the police in Ukraine, is already bearing its first fruits. Students, having read books about heroes of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA) and the “feats” of the Armed Forces in Donbass, cut their teachers with knives.

So, on October 14th, the student of the Dolinsk specialized boarding school came to the teacher of the Ukrainian language for an additional class. After entering the house, the student asked the teacher’s daughter for a kitchen knife to apparently open the cover of his phone. As soon as cold weapon was in his hands, the young man dealt to the teacher ten stab wounds.

After that, the juvenile offender tried to escape from the scene but was detained by the police. According to preliminary data of the law enforcement authorities, the 14-year-old boy was under the influence of drugs. But there is another version of events: the crime happened on the Day of “the Defender of Ukraine”, or rather, the Day of the creation of UPA, when all the friends of the student (young nationalists) were celebrating, and he was sent to study.

“The young man in the meantime has remained silent. One version of events that we are considering is this: the boy began to rage at the teacher due to the fact that on October 14th, the holiday of UPA, his peers were walking on the street, and his strict mother forced him to go to class. Before this incident, the boy was characterized positively, and there were no complaints about his behavior,” said the Ivano-Frankivsk police.

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