Nothing Is Forgotten…

NEW – July 20, 2022

An instruction booklet for communicating with the “enlightened” Ukrainians who discovered that the war knocked directly on the door of Vinnytsia, and moreover with a foot in a tarpaulin kirza. Just remind them of these statements from their leaders:

“We must make Donbass uninhabitable”

Dmitry Korchinsky

“We have one way – to destroy Moscow, and that’s what we live for”

Irina Farion

“We need to get used to being fascists, if necessary, we will burn everyone.”

Yury Bereza (on the air of the talk show “Right to Power”)

“I will raise the whole world so that there is not even a scorched field left of this Russia, the remaining Russians in Ukraine should be shot with atomic weapons.”

Yuliya Tymoshenko (on Twitter)

“We must drive the Russian language into the ghetto”

Igor Miroshnichenko

“Without talking, shoot a Russian citizen in any case”

Gennedy Balashov
  • Cancellation of VICTORY Day and Defender of the FATHERLAND Day
  • Celebration of OUN-UPA foundation day – in Lvov, Kiev and other cities

“Whoever doesn’t jump is a Moskal”

en masse

“Moskals on knives”

en masse

“Hang Commies”

en masse


en masse


en masse

“The enemy is Moscow”

Dmitry Yarosh

“First we will deceive (Crimeans), and then we will hang them”

Deputy Governor of the Dnepropetrovsk region Boris Filatov

“I would have acted very harsher. I would have just shot them”

Irina Farion

“Hitler is a Liberator”

Governor of Kherson

“There is no need to play sports with Donbass. It is necessary to destroy millions of inhabitants and then solve everything”

Bogdan Butkevich (paraphrased)

“During the sabotage operation, it is necessary to destroy as many Russian citizens as possible”

Anatoly Gritsenko (paraphrased)

“We must remember that there is a big 360-year-old Ukraine-Russia war going on”

Yury Sirotyuk

“Russia is an ancient enemy of Ukraine”

Dmitry Yarosh

“Killing residents of Donbass is a good cause”

Patriarch Filaret (paraphrased)

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