Notorious ATO Volunteer: We Will Kill Those Who Seek to Overthrow Poroshenko

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The Ukrainian volunteer and Euromaidan activist Roman Donnik declared that he is ready to shoot the participants of the protest action that started on 15.11.16 in the center of Kiev. He reported this on his page on “Facebook”. According to the activist, for himself and his friends a few firearms were registered, most of which have been used in the war in Donbass, and now he wants to save the country “by any means”.

“We are morally ready to use weapons to defend the territorial integrity of Ukraine. Against anyone. We are ready for weapons to be used against us. This does not confuse us. We will do it… Here will be the fight for what we held for nearly three years. For what our friends and brothers-in-arms were killed for,” threatened the volunteer. “If you don’t like Poroshenko, re-elect him in the election. Because in any other way of changing the government you will simply be killed. We will do it.”


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