Notorious Ukrainian Blogger: In Donbass There Are Only “Vata Grandmas” in a Taiga Without Trees

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


Only Vata grandmas” remain in Donbass, and behind the last Ukrainian checkpoint there is only a taiga without trees.

Such a statement was made during a forum in Truskavets by the notorious Ukrainian blogger Svyatoslav Nosov/Stepkin (better known under the pseudonym “Gorky Luk”), who earlier promised to cover Donbass with napalm so that rapeseed can grow there.

According to the blogger, in Donbass there is no “high quality” inhabitant left. He considers that in the region there is an exclusively elderly population left, about which jokes are told.

“I experienced a winter there. The most part of the active population has already packed up and left from there: some to one side of the demarcation line, some to the other side. What remained there is indeed these same vata grandmas that jokes are told about,” reported the speaker.

“How to reintegrate this mass?” he asked rhetorically.

Nosov also said that Donbass has been completely destroyed, and in the future Ukrainian taxpayers will be obliged to pay for the restoration of the region.

“It is very difficult concerning infrastructure there. We will have to restore it at least for humanitarian reasons. There taiga starts after the last checkpoint, only without trees. That’s why, naturally, there will be a need to somehow restore it,” said Nosov with regret.

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