Notorious Ukrainian Nationalist Ilya Kiva Shocked by Freedom of Speech in Russia

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The Ukrainian nationalist Ilya Kiva was shocked by the loyalty of the Russian side towards the Ukrainian people.

So, according to the Ukrainian nationalist, the adviser to the Interior Minister Ilya Kiva was shocked by the freedom of speech in Russia. He declared this on the air of HARD with Vlashchenko talk-show.

He didn’t expect that during a speech on the air of a Russian talk-show he would be allowed to express himself in full and without interruption or censorship.

“Notice, they allowed me to say everything that I wanted to say. Actually, for me it too to some extent it was a revelation. I didn’t think that I would be allowed – I thought that somewhere at some stage I would be cut off, and I wouldn’t be able to fully state my position. But this time this is how it turned out,” stated Kiva.

Probably, even ardent patriots of Ukraine rejoice that at least someone listens to them up to the end, and not as it is done on pro-Ukrainian programs or in the Verkhovna Rada, where the participants of the “show” shout over each other, as if they were parrots and try to receive “feed” from the leader.

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