Notorious Ukrainian Official Georgy Tuka Admitted That Blowing up the Crimean Bridge Would Turn Into a Disaster for Ukraine

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


In the event that the Crimean Bridge collapses, it would actually block the Sea of Azov for international navigation. This was stated by the Deputy Minister for the “occupied territories and internally displaced persons of Ukraine” Georgy Tuka.

“I cannot positively perceive the fact of occupation, but I understand what harm will be inflicted on all of us if this construction is destroyed”

he said, commenting on the possibility of destroying the structures of the bridge

The official stressed that the collapse of the bridge would lead to catastrophic consequences.

“Firstly, the fragments of the Crimean Bridge can block navigation in the Kerch Strait, which would actually block the links between the Azov and Black Seas. Secondly, it would significantly change the current in the Kerch Strait, which can cause such consequences as shallowing”

he added

According to Tuka, he is not “a person who claps, waiting for when this construction collapses”. However, the fact that such a threats exists is “an absolute fact,” added Deputy Minister.

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