Notorious Ukrainian Writer Larisa Nitsoy Demanded to Expel “Separatist” Children From Ukrainian Summer Camps

Translated by Ollie Richardson & Angelina Siard


The scandalous Ukrainian writer Larisa Nitsoy demanded that the children of IDPs from Donbass who spend their vacation at Ukrainian children’s camps must be expelled from there.

“How is it that children from occupied territories spend their vacation at summer camps on the territory of Ukraine on an equal basis with the children of ATO soldiers? And in these camps the children of separatists, excuse me, tell the children of ATO soldiers that they are ‘khokhol’ and that Moscow is ‘a country forever’…”she noted on the air of the ZIK channel.

According to Nitsoy, such cases happened this summer too. She added that she doesn’t understand why these children “lock horns” with “Ukrainian children”. “Their parents are at war with us today, and these children say: my father killed those who are like your father,” said Nitsoy.

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